Boycott Corporations

The Corporate part of this whole Global Crime Syndicate is something that we can fight on the ground...right now...and effectively.  It is the way they move money...follow the money.  They have been stealing...laundering...redistributing the wealth away from the people to fill their coffers and keep the population poor...not only through political channels-taxes, kick backs, quid pro quo...but through "ownership" in the global corporate structure.  Time to call out...  name names of companies and the people involved in these corporate "megladons."  This will be an expanding list.  You can help spread the information and get people to hit them where it counts...cut off their money streams and we weaken their ability to harm us.  Do not give them one dollar if you can avoid it.  Go without if you can...

What was targeted in the Covid - political terrorism shut downs? Small Business.  The big corporations were never threatened with retribution for non enforcement of the "Mask aka muzzle policy." It was only stand alone small businesses they waged war on.  War Horse walked into Walmart...Lowe's...Home Depot... to name a few without a one said a thing.  Why did Michigan shut down business...but funneled everyone to the big box stores??... to avoid spreading Covid? Are you kidding me...they threw everyone in together to make sure it spread and to destroy jobs...small get us to keep building their assets and make us come back to them for all our needs.  Look at how many billionaires were made during this time...guaranteed if we dig on them they are connected.  They got their little pay day for playing ball ... economic whores... traitors... treason against the United States of America and crimes against humanity world wide.

No worries...they will all be brought down... we are just going to help them down that path.  Cut off their income by boycotting.  If someone makes this list and wants to submit a be will be vetted.  If a company requires a mask rather than making it the personal choice of a sovereign free person...They just made the complicit in requiring mask list.  If they recant ...admit their error or change of stance...they will possibly be removed from the boycott list...but will likely be moved to a "only caved because it hit their bottom line list."

To be clear...American is a country built upon the principles "of the the people." Nowhere does it state that special interest or business gets preferential treatment for feeding off the population or taking advantage of special favors for their profit.  It is build upon individual freedom.  Free men and women don't get permission given...  Let's live this. 

Outright Boycott...

American Express, 
Atlanta Hawks, 
Atlanta Falcons, 
Bank of America, 
Coke Cola, 
Delta Airlines, 
Home Depot,
JPMorgan Chase, 
Porsche North America, 
Tyler Perry, 
and Viacom CBS.

Companies tied to Central Bank/Rothschild's - Outright boycott them!! Did they are engaged in foreign interference in U.S. elections???



Commie complicit mask policy - taking away your rights...

what happened to "My body my choice?" Guess that's only good if murdering babies and full term children people don't want to be inconvenienced by.   


Oh there is more...

We need to understand the audacity of these people.  What they have done is organized corporations to put financial pressure...or offer gain to interfere in our elections.  And everyone of them which is involved in business can be classified as... Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections.  


Nice act Mitch....

let's just throw in a little Race Baiting on their part to stay with the agenda...

If you aren't furious's coming....

Companies tied to Civic Alliance...Central Bank/Rothschild's - Call to Outright boycott them...Did they are engaged in foreign interference in U.S. elections???

These are committed companies committed to democracy ... prob is this is a Constitutional Republic.  Democracies are by their nature destabilizing - easy to cheat results - and small groups HAVE NO REPRESENTATION!!  So the big guys are able to vote themselves total control.  If you think election fraud was haven't seen how bad it can be with a democracy form of government in place.  READ THE CONSTITUTION!!!!

Wait....what did we just read here....

and right back to the Global Crime Syndicate Central Bank players.  They are deciding who gets to sit at the table in business...and foreign interference in U.S. elections.