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The Fall of the Cabal, Parts 1-10


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Black Nobility

There are levels to the corruption and what is at the top will shock you beyond words. The infiltration is predictable and in their playbook for taking over societies.  This is nothing new. Study History and you will see the patterns.  History repeats because they aren't those in charge aren't that smart - however they work from the shadows.  Politicians are just puppets on a string. As long as they play - they stay in the game and alive.  The game is what are you willing to do to "show" your loyalty to the Crime Family.  Think GodFather III.  Satanism is what they are all into...and the most horrific crimes known on the earth.  It is well known that Hitler was into the Occult. But what does that mean....

The videos following start out a little weird...but stay with it. The information is sound.

Keep your eye on the Pallavincini Name - Family. The IMF - CFR are all tied in and owned.  


Symbolism will be their downfall. When you see it....it's easy to spot

Where's Hunter? - Stupid Pedo Satanists are easy to blackmail. 

Symbolism will be their downfall 

Most of our Political, corp heads, MSM players have entered into willingly or been blackmailed by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) an arm of the Global Crime Syndicate.  How do they do it? When you see Pedophilia and Child Porn - bingo. That's the way they get to move up.  Print on the left is Mao - Print on the wall to the right is a child porn image.  We have seen that artist many times. CP/children are a currency and is part of the way they do business, the farther up you go it is part of their sick religion. Symbolism is their downfall.  It is how they communicate and pledge allegiance to the whole system.