Daily Research - 12/29/2020

Sidney Powell put out a call for research into the Soros funded Prosecutors and "Secretary of State Project". Sidney is a military attorney not a Trump attorney.  That is both impressive and an important distinction.  She is looking into election fraud - and connections to those engaged in election fraud.  It is just that the two are on parallel paths.  What Sidney is working on will benefit President Trump because he was the victim/target of the fraud. 

No matter what the distractions are the focus is election fraud.

Democratic Attorney Generals Association

Josh Shapiro - Follow the Money


Tides Advocacy Program . . . 

Katie Hobbs

Doug LaFollett


And this is where is started to get even more interesting to me.  The Agenda in Michigan taking shape...Do we have activist judges who are tied into Soros?  Yep

Jocelyn Benson

Michigan Campaign Finance News

We will circle around to Michigan shortly....Keep Reading .... but lets stop by the hotly contested state of Georgia.  I'm seeing some serious collusion here.

Georgia - Raffensperger finances

Nevada Barbara Cegavske

Tides Advocacy - Hiding Funding?? ...watch the water

and eyes back on Michigan!

Why does the Advocacy Fund hide it's funding?

Tides Advocacy Safety in Action

Donor list for Arizona

Ballotpedia Secretary of State Program

AG - Dana Nessel donor tracking

Nessel Leadership Fund

And From Thomas More...

Full Article thomasmore.org - Dana Nessel's tyrannical policies

Rep. Jim Jordan

Nashville Bombing -

And the Prize for lack of creativity in a False Flag goes to the planners of the Nashville Bombing. Seems oddly like a repeat of OK bombing, Las Vegas and 9-11 complete with the Bomber dropping his passport/identification at the scene. Like Las Vegas he gave away real estate.  Nothing about this makes sense and is all about distraction. Keep eyes on election fraud. This was about election fraud in a round about way, but "we have it all" means exactly that - one data center isn't gonna be able to stop what is coming.  

Max Radio - The Role of the Vice President

Maximus does a great job with a constitutional perspective. @Maximus_4EVR  Twitter and Parler

"The Fall of the Cabal" videos were added today to "Wake Up-Boss Level"