Daily Research - 12/15-12/17

The last few days have been more than eventful.  There have been an abundance of conflicting moves being reported, so been sifting. With that said, we are going back to the EOs (Executive Orders) which are the point markers.  Why does a President sign an Executive Order? Is it random? Or is it a set up for future events? Is Military Action on the Horizon? ...

Ron Watnick - AKA Code Monkey


Executive Orders - and Significant Events for the Days Ahead

Does it look like we are gonna see some big motion soon?  Looks like it to me. The set up...Lets connect the dots to the Executive Orders.  

1. Barr "departing" on the 23rd

2. EO establishing Foreign Interference

3. EO 24th Federal Employees going home-I extrapolate from the EO that it isn't a holiday but closing while not alluding to Reopening...

4. EO establishing Military Chain of command/reassignment - already begun

5. Solar Wind Shut-Down - DOD compromised by Foreign Interference

6. Insurrection Act of 1807?

7. Military Option?

Lets Look into this one issue at a time....


1. Barr Departing on the 23rd

2. EO (Executive Order) Establishing State of Emergency re Foreign Interference in US Elections