Hi Patriots - getting my blog going

Good morning all! Thank you for bearing with me while I figure out how to arrange and work with this new blog software.

There are a few things that this blog is going to try to accomplish - and I expect this list is going to evolve and change!  We are gonna do this together in the true American can do spirit!! Ask me questions...help me find answers! This is all of us "for the people, by the people!"..not politicians-the court system-the "stuff lies down our throats propaganda media."  We are going back to being Patriots-the second American Revolution based on information warfare and citizens unifying our country. It's up to us!

Let's start with the premise that things are rarely what they appear. So we have to put on our Sherlock Homes cap and cloak and learn to question and think again.  Trust yourself-we have been conditioned not to think.  Just because someone says something doesn't make it true.  And it might be said just to mislead us or to condition us to accept a certain narrative to lead us down a path-handing over our freedom to psychopaths.  It's happened before, history repeats itself-WW2, Poland, just to name two and there are many many examples...and it's happening now.  Right here...on American soil.  We are at war, but it's not a traditional type of warfare.  And who is at the top-it will shock the world. 

Blog format and goals

Ask questions...present information/dig on issues and clandestine operations which concern us. Categories will begin with Current Events, Speakers, Covid, Election Fraud, Shutdowns/Lockdowns - toll in human life and Economic impact, Constitutional guarantee of your rights, History, Resources, Prayer coupled with an action plan...And the top feature-(especially for DNN  receivers)What War Horse is working on today-Random screen shots, videos, articles, documents, which I'm compiling.  

Ask more questions so the individuals can formulate their own opinion based on good information rather than a narrative.

Find solutions

Formulate a plan of action

See the history of the issues


Among other things -I'm a research junkie and have spent many years compiling information with other amazing and wonderful researchers, connecting dots, asking questions, (not believing most of the narrative), and trying to cut through the lies and deception which we are fed on a daily basis...and documenting, documenting, documenting. 


This is it!!! I'm soooo ready...let's do this together


This article was updated on December 9, 2020