Daily Research - 12/30/2020

It's getting ready for go time! We are witnessing legal moves and it both takes time.  For those of us who are use to fighting protracted legal battles, it is a little easier to stay the course.  We are witnessing a huge historical change - the changing out of the old guard.  When you hear "negative news" don't get sucked in.  It might be a windup for a home run rather than a first base.  We who aren't privy to the military planning involved don't have the full picture or access to planning which has been going on for decades.  Stand unwavering...we have no choice.

Plane Watch and GITMO from Monkey Werx

Lin Wood files a Writ of Mandamus - For Public Officials who are not carrying out their duties

Writ of Mandamus Filed by Lin Wood

Call to Action -

Pence and all GOP Senators need to be called to back a legally executed election.  If everyone can call 5 people or more on this list and pass this on to ask more people to call 5 people on this list and so on...we can put pressure on them to not only back President Trump who won by a decisive landslide, but also to restore and protect US Elections.  Its shocking-but I'll say it- if you are alive...your vote has never been counted honestly.  Election Fraud as stated by Rod Blagojevich is an accepted institution in Politics-skewed by fraudulent Democrat Politics.

Code Monkey - Ron Watkins 

Has put out an emergency call to action to call ALL GOP Senators... Let's run with this.


From my fren @EnjoyTheQShow1 - Trump is about to officially start his war!!!!

Is Nothing Happening or is Trump Channeling Sun Tzu