Daily Research - 01/30/2021

Day 10 - Foreign Occupation the battle rages on!!

Again...We won!!! We are just in the biggest cleanup operation the world has ever seen.

It's interesting how the rigged system is being exposed!!! And it's glorious!!! Every day a piece of the puzzle of their little Global Crime Syndicate "game" is being exposed.  Researchers have known for a long time about the intentional corruption and maleficence in the system...nothing we are seeing is new.  It is just that the veil which kept us all from seeing their evil, corrupt activities is being lifted and all things are being brought out in the light for the world to see.  The world isn't melting down...it's just that it is being uncovered for everyone to see what has been going on for decades...at least.  The system has been going on for hundreds of years...at least. 

Many things we have been taught that are just not true.  They controlled the message and the money.  Those who moved up within that system had to pay a hefty price...and that's where we go down the rabbit hole into the very dark world of Pure Evil.  They controlled the message, created fear-hate-anger-hopelessness-division-despair in the population...used "created fake" wars, economic destruction, genocide, human trafficking, and blackmail situations to control the participants in their stagged production of life looks like - not what it is.  

The Game Stop - Short sale debacle is hilarious because it was planned and all about exposure of the billionaires within the crime syndicate and all those who are complicit in positions of influence (maybe politicians-like Elizabeth Warren???)

Interesting how they condemn the retail investors for doing what the billion dollar hedge funds have been doing for years.  Are they all in on the game??? Is it a similar game to the money given to foreign governments for foreign aid?  Why is it that so many people around the world hated the United States... until President Trump was sworn in as President...an outsider De Facto President asked to run by the military.??

Let's go there...

How many trillions of dollars has gone to foreign aid and Global governing organizations...while our debt to pay for this "generosity" has landed squarely on the backs of hard working Americans as our national debt continued to grow and our quality of life continued to be destroyed??? Maybe we should look into how they moved money around and where did that foreign aid go??? Foundations??? Of which our politicians were in a position to make money?? Did the money look like it went to the foreign countries- but where in actuality given right back to the politicians...and the foreign countries never got any of it?? Look no further than Haiti and what happened there.  How about our education system...why are we putting an ever increasing amount of money into education but are producing a poorer quality of student? Ask any employer what it is like hiring. The Education system is complicit and part of their indoctrination machine.  History repeats...it is the same mechanism the Global Crime Syndicate used in WW2 (Hitler Youth - arrogant/entitlement minded children)...getting the picture?

Their downfall is exposure!! They are terrified of an awake population. We outnumber them them massively. And there are good people in every one of their corrupt systems who are working together.  If they can infiltrate...so can the good guys.  Good guys have been in every single destructive/complicit organization and they are taking names...and kicking A$$. Don't think for a moment that nothing is happening and everyone is sitting on their hands.  You never let the enemy see your moves and the military is great at it.  "We" have infiltrated all their criminal structures and are taking names and dismantling them from the inside. "We" in the population just have to hold the line while this is happening - unwavering, while spreading the truth of the Global Crime Syndicate's crimes.  It's glorious!!!

Hedge Fund Debacle - Game Stop/Robinhood 

Are they hiding evidence when it goes down??...Fire in JP Morgan might want to investigate. 

Things that make you go - Hmmmm.....

Eyes open for next week....

Election Fraud - Capitol Raid Fraud


Question - do you think that they weren't looking for threats around the Capitol so that someone placing a pipe bomb wouldn't be caught at 8pm the night before?? Traffic cams on every highway/every intersection in every big city across America let alone this is the Capitol ... and this guy in a hoodie is not investigated placing unknown packages around the Capitol and nobody asks questions a full 18 hours prior??? Airports have better security!! 

Covid - Vaccine Warnings...

Listen carefully to this Doctor...


Shark Slaughter to create the Covid Vaccination

And why isn't PETA screaming for this?  Why is it that all these environmental fronts for the organized crime behavior modification department concerned about this...


Strategy - Anon, Q Posts, News Bites...


If governmental policies turn against sovereign citizens to question them is it tyranny?? or Political Terrorism??



Underlying structure relies on sick people willing to do anything for money.  

Are they easy to buy off and own in an organized crime structure? Do they pick people who are weak and easy to manipulate?