Daily Research - 02/09/2021

Day 18 - Foreign Occupation...or maybe the military and patriots are control!

War Horse will be out of the office until Friday.  Posting is planned during this time...but it will be lighter than usual as time is being devoted to research.  Will be coming back with a cache full of info. Thank you for staying with War Horse.  Being on secure connections poses a problem when not in the office.

Everything on this blog has not only a current but historical relevance.  You can fee free to go back and read other posts, as they contain relevant information.



To be clear the following letter provides some date/time stamps to compare against real events...but has no real value except to illustrate their level of panic and ability out right misrepresent the facts. No worries here...President Trump and the patriots have it all.  But you can have a good laugh as you read their "panic narrative - failed attempt at damage control" by the Keystone Cops of DC.  Just more evidence of their complicity, as more and more are being flushed out into the light every day.  Gotta say it's fun to watch them squirm. 

Letter to Speaker Pelosi from Resigning DC Police Chief