Daily Research - 03/20/2021

Day 58 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!! Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming....

Raa-Raa time!! The happenings in Myanmar are so significant that researchers all over the world are rejoicing!!! We had Senators who had the guts to stand unwavering ...supporting the change.  Ask Questions..the world is about to change.  

Covid... there needs to be complete transparency!!! Insurance companies are starting to deny coverage for those who have taken the vaccine.



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Sidney Powell...




Oh Yay..back to the Global Crime Syndicate firing up the war machine!!! The world was at peace when President Trump was in charge.  We will hold every one who voted for these idiots responsible for the deaths which come out of their bad decisions... and for those who don't fight for the truth...for those who committed election fraud.  Either people fight for peace, unity and truth or they side with pedophiles, and organized crime against humanity.  We can safely say choose this day who you serve to the criminals...because their time to choose is coming to an end. 




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