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Day 87 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!! Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming....

Stand strong and hold the line...

We are in a war. There are some wonderful things happening and in order to see them, we have to be careful who we listen to and who we follow. 90% of any war is fought in the psyops/intelligence area rather than active warfare.  Right now we are on a digital battle field where our "radio comms" need to be on the same frequency.  When Q said be careful who you follow...that was much broader than anyone ever imagined.  

 There are many people who have already died in the pursuit of freeing this country from a huge Global Crime Syndicate.  They are the true heroes...and they have seen unspeakable horrors.  The people who are in the game for real don't turn tail and run when the wait is long...the battle is long...or the going gets rough. This battle is not only worth it...but we have no other choice.  So just like any battlefield there are times where we put our heads down as the bullets are flying over our heads and wait for the right time to pop out of that foxhole and advance the line.  That's what we are seeing. There is so much going on behind the lines, which is all there to see and find....however you have to be a little committed, obsessive and unwavering to find it and continue on running the race. Nobody said this was going to be easy. 

In a war who do you listen to?  Follow the chain of command and cut all other comms out.  Propaganda isn't new...remember Hanoi Jane? What was the purpose..to demoralize the troops to make them afraid, confused and ineffective.  Does that sound familiar? Nothing new under the sun. 

We won....we are in a massive clean up operation.  Patriots are in control.  They are showing the socialist wannabees just exactly what they are going to get with the unrealistic...bait and switch...false utopia agenda that they want. What is happening at the boarder - the boarder crisis? Look at the facts...not the narrative, which is "be afraid, they are taking over the country, it is the end of all good things." The facts are that 180K have been arrested at the boarder...thousands of kids "taken from illegal immigrants" are kids pulled out of the trafficking lanes and put in non ideal detention areas...but who are a hell of a lot safer there than with the coyotes.  War isn't clean.  Watch General Mike Flynn, Admiral Mike Rogers...there are others we can trust...but don't trust them just because of an emotional narrative.  We need to stick with the facts. 

We won...stand firm...hold the line...run the race until it's complete unwavering. 

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Constitution 101

Does is it make sense that the Founding Fathers and the patriots who ratified the Constitution intended for five people to be able to make a rule that becomes a law  for all of  America?  But that is what has happened.   Those five persons are the Supreme Court Justices who make a ruling on a case that results in the equivalent of a law.

Furthermore, of all the misconceptions about the Constitution, none is more widespread than the idea that the Supreme Court has the final word on what is constitutional. This could not be further from what the Founding Framers of the Constitution intended.

Those considering ratifying the Constitution questioned Alexander Hamilton about the role of the Supreme Court to which he answered that the judiciary “is beyond comparison the weakest of the three departments of power.”

He explained that its ability was limited to only preventing the Congress from overstepping their limits by legislating in an area outside of their constitutional authorization.

So how did the Supreme Court get to be what is today? The answer is the legal doctrine of precedent. Far from their intended role, early on the Supreme Court began to rely on the rulings of earlier cases as the basis for decisions instead of the Constitution itself. Now, when determining and ruling on a case, it is customary for the Justices to consider previous rulings rather than the Constitution.  Once an incorrect, unconstitutional ruling is made, it is forever perpetuated in later rulings.  The solution?   Demand the Justices uphold their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and rule accordingly. 

How can that be done when the Supreme Court Justices serve for life?  No, they don’t.  Actually, they serve only at the pleasure of Congress which has the constitutional authority to impeach, fire and replace the Justices. But Congress doesn’t do that, which is telling as to how far afield of our Constitution our Congress has become.

There is also the extremely disturbing instances when the Court will rule citing international law.  Doesn’t our Constitution say that treaties are the supreme law  of the land?  Not exactly. A treaty is the supreme authority only when it is “pursuant to the Constitution.”   That is when it does not conflict with our Constitution.  Otherwise, it is not enforceable.

There are those who define the Constitution based on its original understanding, and intent, which is referred to as originalism, and supporters of this are referred to as Constitutionalists. This belief is founded on the Constitution as it was originally intended. And, rightly so. The Constitution is a contract between the states and the federal government with the states giving limited authority to the federal government by  specifically listing in the Constitution the few enumerated powers.   Then the  first nine amendments state specifically that which the federal government cannot do, and the Tenth Amendment states that if we didn’t mention something, you cannot do that either.

This is critical since it prevents the destroyers of the Constitution of inserting their personal vendetta into the matter and use it to destroy the founding principles on which the Constitution was crafted.

The opponents of originalism subscribe to “a living, breathing” Constitution, asserting that the document must “change with the times.” It allows them to justify flagrantly misinterpreting the Constitution and substitute socialist laws and rulings.

That is the equivalent of changing the rules of a game when you are half way through. Or signing a contract to do some work, then doing far more and claiming that you didn’t tell me not to.  

A “living constitution” conflicts with the entire reason for having a written constitution in the first place. If the document can simply be changed at will, then why even have it in the first place?

Of course, there are many who are loyal Americans and who subscribe to the” living constitution” philosophy not having been taught otherwise. Indeed, it is widely taught in law schools.

But also, this approach is widely promoted by the establishment elite as an enlightened improvement from the old fashioned approach of Constitutionalists. There are those who are intent on the destruction of our Republic and want to bring America into regional districts that can then be merged into a one world government, often called The New World Order. Adherence to the original meaning of the Constitution would make that impossible and thus must be circumvented. 

Paraphrasing from Patrick Krey

Indeed, the entire notion of a constitution, which could easily change based on the desires of the political elite, was exactly what the framers had sought to get away from; they desperately wanted to permanently fix the terms by which the people were to be governed. If the government can just reinterpret the fundamental law of the land as they see fit, then what limits are there on that government? The result is a completely unrestrained government that is dangerous to the liberty of the citizenry. The Constitution is the rulebook by which our national government should play. Once that very same government starts making the rules up as they go along, we run the risk of descending into the same type of tyranny that our patriotic Founding Fathers rebelled against.

It is of the upmost importance that we understand the underlying principles of our Constitution if we are to prevent the further loss of our freedoms and restore the many we have already lost.   And, we must be vigilant in holding accountable our legislators at all levels.  Whenever a legislator tells us that they support or whenever they have voted for something that is unconstitutional, we should ask them to tell us specifically the Article and Section of the Constitution that authorizes that.  Don’t be surprised that you don’t get an answer.


Read the Constitution....Study it and memorize it.  The highest law of the land...all law is super ceded by the Constitution and our rights guaranteed therein. 

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