Daily Research - 06/20/2021

Day 148 - Military and patriots are in control! We won!! Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming....(this is a clue BTW...NCSWIC)

❤️Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful Men...Fathers... we love you.  You, individually are our heroes...and those you love appreciate you and respect you.  We notice the things you do...your unselfish dedication to God, Family, and country...as our protectors and defenders... May God bless you and all those whom you love. ❤️


Soooo...How did we get here...time to study history. There is so much history which has just not been taught-or subverted/manipulating facts for their personal gain or sick pursuits. 

War Horse wants to get into the psychological make up of a psychopath.  They are super predators.  Narcissists, criminal sexual predators, and sociopaths/psychopaths are classified as the same...they just carry out their abuse of non-empathy in different ways.  One of the mistakes that the naive make is believing that they think the same way they do...not realizing that they are dealing with people who will commit unspeakable acts with no remorse.  They know how to exploit anything they see as a weakness and the defining characteristic is that they have no empathy.  They don't care who they hurt or exploit to get what they want...they are sick without the ability to care or love.  The crimes they commit are without any remorse...and it gives them a sick sense of pleasure to hurt and control others.  So with that in mind...how do they prey upon the good and wonderful people of this world?  Those who are the very children of God...those who are innocent are their targets.  

Well most people can't even relate to their damaged mentally ill mindset...and that's what they use against us.  We can't even relate to their mindset, because they look like us...until you get to know them and evaluate the facts rather then the emotions they are so great at controlling.  They are heads of banking, corporations, educators, religious leaders, 501c3 operators, politicians, three letter agencies assets, etc.  Now not all in those arenas are psychopaths, but they infiltrate our structures to get access to money and children, etc. 

Watch the people around people of influence...are they are on boards of corporations.  Perhaps we need to question the political climate of their families. Mitch McConnell's wife is head of the Department of Transportation - and her family with roots in China owns a portion of a very large container transportation company.  Liz Cheney / Dick Cheney...The Bush family...the Biden Family...Gavin Newsome is Nancy Pelosi's nephew, Adam Shift's sister is married to George Soros's son, Chelsea Clinton is married to George Soros's Nephew, ABC executive producer is married to Susan Rice... the list is endless.   But next War Horse is going to focus on the connections in Michigan...Gretchen Whitmer and the "coincidental" policies which have brought this state to it's knees for seemingly personal gain, extortion, using the tax payer money for unaccountable unjust enrichment.

Criminals are being released and used to propagate their terror upon everyone, by activist judges who are also part of the Global Crime Syndicate's organization.  No reason to create new criminals when you can just rinse and repeat by keeping the same criminals out there to exact their reign of terror upon an innocent population. 

  They gaslight...employ shame...try to make us feel guilty...try to shut us up and make us feel crazy to even question their narcissistic- I'm special therefore you should cater to me attitude..."I'm right and you are just an entity to use to get what I want." These super predators know what they are doing and they know human beings capacity for caring and they use gentle hearts and great souls capacity to love against us.  They have guilted us into silence...inaction so that they can infiltrate, enslave, and plunder our country and the world.  They prey upon the innocent - manipulate, lie, murder, rape, money launder, engage in modern day slavery  (China - global human trafficking, forced labor, live human organ transplanting and SRA for their sick devotion to the rituals to their Godless Satanic religion and criminal.)  They use our desire for non-confrontational peace and unity to make us take a back seat...be beat up for being a lesser race, gender, etc (pick whatever issue to divide us by pumping up special snowflake and inflated narcissistic egos.) If you are here you probably know, have seen, observed exactly what War Horse is talking about.  Well the good news is that there are way more of us mentally sane people...who just want to life a good productive life of devotion to God, Family and Country than there are of them. 

But we can't take a back seat any more.  We have witnessed the largest criminal take over the world has ever seen.  They repackage their insanity under many organized names - communisim, Marxism, etc. The good news is that there is a group of patriots, who were willing to put it all on the line to say...not happening on my watch mentality.  We won the battle to dismantle their Global Crime Syndicate.  The old guard is finished and we are cleaning up the last remaining scum off the bottom of the pool. So what is next?  Next comes the time where we ...the good people of the world step up to rebuilt. 

Every single one of us needs to throw our hats into the ring...speak out, volunteer, run for office,  get involved - politically, through civic projects...stepping up first and saying..."Pick me - I am willing."  We will get to make the rules which will benefit citizens/real people...not just the minority of those who sold their souls to get to the top of the Global Crime Syndicate.  God Bless each of you and God Bless America!!! We are the last hope standing for the world as a nation.  God is with us... We will not fail. Our enemies are defeated...now the exciting time is about to begin...we rebuild with God's help, and take back what the enemy thought they had stolen. 

Stand firm...The Best is Yet to Come...

Fellow Patriot Researchers have sent me their thoughts...Here is a brilliant poem by patriot Regina Phallange...beautifully capturing in artistic observation the reality we are fighting. 

Every Institution’s corrupted top down
Ulterior motives can always be found
When the top makes mistakes they can buy the most grace
Cause the system is fake and they set the pace in this race
All along we’ve known in some ways but turned our heads
Knowing the monstrous system could tear us to shreds
Silently condoning it
The fight-postponing it
Sealing our own fate as the sheep that they call us
No idea all the hardship they wish to befall us
It made me angry and I had a hard time accepting
The sorrow that nothing is beyond their infecting
The solutions must be from the bottom to the top
Or the dilution of humanity won’t ever stop
Some things in this life are worth fighting for
Which may mean putting everything on the line for it
Or are we all talk, just as ugly inside
With our envy, our hate, our greed, and our pride
Our lust and our gluttony have we fully complied
Do we want to be just like them
but so bitter inside-we can’t figure out their game
Or has it collectively cost us enough to consider, it’s too high the price of power and fame
Once upon a time I lived in a fairy tale and oh what a rave
Born in America, Home of the Free, paid for by the Brave
Multitude of choices about anything, attainable in moments
Endless sea of voices, unsustainable to factor all the exponents
Every form of entertainment, any kind of device
Sports, music, movies, porn always waiting to entice
Theme parks, social media, games, every kind of vice
Every religion real or not with a path to heaven so very precise
Every kind of food no matter how good or how bad
You’ll never convince me this wasn’t all planned
Why does the Greatest Nation have so much sickness
Cause stealing our money is the real institutional business
Veiling our Constitutional rights is in their best interest
Take away God, break up our families
Keep us in shock from the endless calamities
And mental health crises are everyone’s reality
Distracted and confused, the picture of our normality
On top of all the stresses of everyday life’s actuality
Mind pollution to detract from our morality
Food and medicine to negatively impact mortality
But don’t complain, we all have to be Mr or Mrs Congeniality
Cause those at the top make the rules
And like good boxed thinkers have been taught,
So busy choosing elsewhere here we forgot we could choose
No more though, we’ll keep our God we’ll keep our babies,
We’ll keep our guns 100% no maybes
The biggest distractions make the most money
But the pot can no longer contain all the honey
The diggers are digging
The prayers are praying
Good reporters are saying the truth
No more obeying
And those that know wait all gathered round
For the most anticipated sound
“My fellow Patriots ...the Storm is upon us”
-Regina Phallange 1/17/2020

Thank you Reg...God Bless you my friend 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️


God's Laws or Man's Laws...

Take heart and know that God is with us.  He hates the evil that we are seeing much more than we do...and he loves you more than you know ...you are precious to him... he rejoices over you his precious child.  While we watch those who prey upon the children of God...  Know that there is no condemnation in Christ, but for those who are at war with God...whose unlawful deeds we are grieving about and seeing unfold in real time...the deeds of the Global Crime Syndicate who serve Satan and hate God... this is going to end badly for them.  Pray for them...they are lost.

Michigan connections...

Wow did War Horse dig up a huge amount of info yesterday.  I will try to get this up today...BCBSMI and Gretchen Whitmer...

Seems like the FBI is over it's head in corruption.  Jan 6...FBI. Plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer...FBI involvement. Hmmmm. How deep is the war that our own government is waging on citizens?  

From Conservapedia...great read BTW....



2020 Marxist uprising

See also: 2020 Marxist insurrection

In October 2020, the Trump administration uncovered a plot by BLM/anarchists and FBI provocateurs to kidnap Gov. Whitmer.[58][59]

FBI sting operation

In 2020 a group of undercover FBI informants and agent provocateurs convinced an anti-Trump, anti-police anarchist group to reconnoiter Whitmer's vacation home.[60] The anarchists then were arrested in what was alleged to be a kidnapping plot of Whitmer.[61] Whitmer used the FBI operation to bash President Trump as the head of a "vast right-wing conspiracy".[62][63][64][65] The alleged plot also included an alleged plan to strom the Michigan state capitol. Terrorism chartges were later dropped against individuals charged.[66]

A look at the annotated indictment reveals that at every level of the plot, FBI operatives played the most important leadership roles:[67]

  • The plot’s “explosives expert,” who the plotters were accused of planning to buy bombs from, turned out to be an FBI agent.
  • The head of transportation for the militia outfit turned out to be an undercover FBI agent.
  • The head of security for the militia outfit turned out to be an undercover FBI informant.
  • At least two undercover FBI informants were active participants in the initial June 6, 2020 meeting in which the plot to storm Capitol buildings was allegedly hatched — meaning at least three FBI informants infiltrated before the conspiracy even started.

In one of the plot’s climactic scenes, in the main van driving up to look at Governor Whitmer’s vacation home, three out of the five people in the van — 60 percent of the plot’s senior leaders — were federal agents and informants. FBI infiltrators comprised, at the very least, 26 percent of the plotters. That is, at least five FBI operatives have been disclosed, against just 14 suspects indicted. The head of the FBI field office in Detroit, Steven D’Antuono, who oversaw the infiltration operation into the Michigan plot was quickly and quietly promoted to lead the Washington, D.C. field office.[68]


Cronyism at the expense of public health

"All Business is Essential" billboards appeared to protest Whitmer's assault on the Constitution and human rights.

Whitmer awarded a contract for contact tracing in Michigan to Every Action VAN, an arm of the Democratic data behemoth NGP VAN. The liberal firm works with all of the major Democratic campaign committees and hundreds of labor unions across the country. The move has sparked concern that Whitmer was using the CCP pandemic to strengthen the Democratic Party's data operation, potentially at the expense of public health.

NGP VAN is run by Stuart Trevelyan, who worked in the Clinton White House and who is reportedly helping presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s campaign.

Whitmer’s own 2019 campaign paid NGP VAN nearly $5,000 in 2019, according to state campaign finance records. Every Action’s other clients include the radical anti-Israel group Jewish Voice for Peace, Planned Parenthood, and the left-wing National Women’s Law Center.

Whitmer also gave a contract to Great Lakes Community Engagement, which is run by Democrat consultant Michael Kolehouse. Kolehouse owns a firm that works to help elect far-left Democrats. Kolehouse said in a Facebook post:: “I hope [Trump] gets Coronavirus ASAP. Can someone do the country a favor and cough on that man.”[41]

So who really is Gretchen Whitmer what do her connections look like...

You have to ask yourself...what is going on in Michigan...War Horse's State...which has made us pull ahead of California in the worst example of the political Shit Show going on - planned subversion...and using 501c3s and the FBI (3 letter agencies)... I think we should be looking into money laundering and as always...follow the wives and it leads back to unaccountable access to children.  

Let's see who floats to the top.  Gretch's Daddy was head of BCBSMI...and now who do we have...and what is the structure...


Remember the name Dan Loepp....


let's continue....




Think there might be a little conflict of interest? Maybe we should demand an investigation.  BTW - War Horse is neither suicidal and I'm a vegetarian with no risk factors for heart attack...


Oh but it gets more interesting than a NON_PROFIT paying their CEO $19M...sounds like we need an investigation.  We might want to see accountability to see if there is any financial impropriety  or money laundering.  Just wondering....

Follow the wives...Ok let's go there...Dan Loepp's wife is Amy Tattrie...


Stay with War Horse....it's for the children...

Why are there 4 different nonprofits under her name??

Ahhh- it leads to the Children's Trust Fund...Imagine my surprise.  Might want to investigate this...appears to be the same game that McCain did in AZ.


Was McCain given the Rommel's way out? ...as substantiated by Ohio Governor John Kasich in an interview with Chris (losing his shit) Cuomo? Why do these people always end up connected to unaccountable access to MISSING children?  We need to investigate CPS...War Horse has heard of many horror stories... and we need an investigation to see if the allegations are true that CPS is the largest player in the the business of child trafficking.  War Horse is just asking questions.  If there is no infraction...they should have no problem with investigation...not by the compromised DOJ activist judges but by military tribunals to determine human rights violations.  Demand accountability!!!!

Corey Digs...

Corey Digs does incredible work...investigative and documentation excellence covering a variety of topics.  Great resource to bookmark. Read this with the mindset that Patriots are in control...no fear. 

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