Daily Research - 12/19/2020

Let's Go...President Trump Down Plays the Cyber Hack. 


Ron Watkins - Person to watch for good info

Dan Scavino - Someone to watch for good info


Watching EOs (Executive Orders) as they correlate to current events.

China - Chinese Communist Party 

Look at the Date - September 27,1996

Sounds like what they are already doing in China - scoring people based on how loyal they are to the CCP - Chinese Communist Party

IMF attacking credit scores based on websites visited



Space Force Leader to become 8th Member of the Joint Chiefs

Space Force Leader to become the 8th Member of the Joint Chiefs

Michigan Fraud

This goes Deeper than Election Interference. It is massive corruption and we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. How can a person who has 6 felony charges related to the 11/06/18 election be collecting a paycheck, while 35% of Michigan businesses have closed?? And gone are the jobs of people - who haven't committed felonies.  I'm wondering if her election fraud was in any way connected to the Election of Gretchen Whitmer?  Has Michigan been the victim of Political Terrorism by those who are engaged in Sedition and Treason? Assuming the Dominion Software was in use...which it appears it was...Can we conclude that Foreign Election Interference goes back to previous elections? Can we assume that those who participated in election rigging fit the designation of "Enemy Combatants"? If so, we don't want arrests based on simple charges.  We are hoping for the highest penalty in the land - treason.  Treason is the conviction we should all pray for.  DOJ is corrupt.. this has to go to the military for tribunals. Game over for those guilty of Treason - Sedition. Which leads us right back to the Executive Order for Foreign Interference in our Election Process.

More Vaccine Warnings

Some Covid Vaccine Recipients are being tracked with biometric tech

Whistle blower killed - What are they Hiding?

And we trust China...Why?? Wondering, with the factual reports of Chinese troops being trained for cold weather warfare in Canada and Trudeau's apparent connections to China... is anyone else wondering if the cheap drugs you can buy in Canada, or coming through Canada are coming from China? Maybe not quite the quality health care/drugs that we are lead to believe they are. 

Fake Viagra from China Seized

And a little weirdness ... unconfirmed but we all have our ideas