Daily Research - 12/13/2020

Economy Misinformation-

Expected for the Deep State to attempted economic disruption. No fear. Patriots ready - Deep State out of options and they are stupid enough to keep taking the bait.  Insider says don't listen to the MSM for the next few days - it's all propaganda. 

x22 report - 2352A Economy 



Strategy for the Ultimate Win 

X22 Report - Art of the Deal, SC Just Gave Trump the Answer, 2018 EO on Deck, Blackout Coming


Election Interference/Fraud 



DNI Ratclifffe Connects China, the Pandemic, and Possible Foreign Election Interference


Alarming: Georgia Supreme Court Presiding Justice Worked in the intelligence Community, Was Best Friends with Barack Obama Since College



The Red Wave Isn't over Yet - Out of 8 House Races Left, Republicans are Leading in All of Them

Covid - Masks and Vaccines

Military-Political News

Big change on the way...there is always a reason for Executive Orders being written. Read the Executive Order carefully.

Gateway Pundit - President Trump Quietly Issues Another Executive Order - This one Concerning the Military

Executive Order on Providing an Order of Succession Within the Department of Defense


United States Military Academy - Dr Charles Morgan on Psycho - Neurobiology and War

Technology that exists - Alarming stated connections with vaccinations. 

Dr Charles Moran on Psycho-Neurobiology and War

World News

Report: Oman, Indonesia Nest in Line for Peace With Israel