Daily Research - 12/09/2020 

December 9, 2020

Ezra Levant from Rebel News - reports on Canada engaged in training Chinese troops-handing over US military secrets in the process.  Looks like they not only trained troops but also trained Chinese high level military personnel how to train their own troops for extreme cold weather engagements.  One can assume they could use US technology against us.  

HUGE: After 4 Years of Stonewalling Corrupt FBI Finally Admits They’re Holding Seth Rich’s Laptop


Chinese comrades in the US and Canada ...Corrupt Politicians systematically exposed. We should keep a running list of who is connected.  There are many connected.  I don't believe China is the top layer... more to come- but think of Lord Mark Malloch Brown friend of Soros - another layer above that. 

Representative Cynthia Johnson of Michigan has been removed from committee assignments for threatening Trump supporters.  Looking into further action


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