Daily Research - 01/03/2021

Welcome to the New Year!  It's gonna be glorious!  All good news coming in!! There is a huge disinformation push going on right now.  It is planned and a way to cause confusion on the battle field.  They don't want the details in the hands of the enemy.  Loose lips sink ships...

Anyhow, with the storm of information coming at us, take a breath and let it play out.  All paths result in Trump winning.  Question everything...just because someone says it, doesn't mean it's true. 

The things to keep your eyes on is the Executive Orders, Pence's upcoming exit from politics/role, the Proclamation and the 14th Amendment.  There is a legal protocol which has to be followed, and Trump is gonna take this down in a legal matter which upholds the Constitution and the Rights guaranteed therein which are granted by God...not crumbs from a government.  

Biden Cancels his Inauguration Parade - The Still Report


Recent Events to consider - Pence's Role upcoming and the 14th Amendment

Wonderful Job by @808TeslaY connecting events to the future legal moves regarding the electoral college and procedures.

List of Compromised Media Outlets...

It's all propaganda - MSM is a pathetic group of liars who are colluding with the Global Communist Crime Syndicate.  There are only 6 sources which owns every MSM syndicate.  No surprise that Disney is heavily involved.  Be prepared-the evidence is shocking.

List of Subversive MSM Outlets - named

Lin Wood - Deserves his own category!! 

Lin Wood started a no filter tweet storm on Jan 1...Enjoy!

and an Anon from the board

In the News...

Relevant Q Posts

Letter from Ted Nugent - Good Job sir!!


Things that make you go Hmmmmm-