Daily Research - 01/04/2021

Oh wow is there a lot going on.  Think optics.  There is a lot of fog on the battlefield right now...and we are at war!! The biggest problem is not with invasion its infiltration of an ideology-not a geographical people.  When we think of China..."China" is already here in positions of power.  When we think of China...they are not the top of the food chain either.  When we think of the IMF(International Monetary Fund) and CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) they are not the top of the food chain either, but they are parts to the whole global structure...which leads to the top.  

It is a global crime structure based on blackmail - sacrifice and control.  The ones at the top aren't interested in money as much as you would think...there is a higher prize unfortunately and our children and sick pursuits are it. There are names for all of their crimes and the structure, but along side of categorizing it there is a lot of misinformation which often leads people to ignore the truth.  Question everything and you will find the answers...it is right in front of our faces.

I'm gonna include some really hard things that we are going to have to face as a nation and the world in the coming weeks.  The structure of the world as we know it is coming down.  We will have to deal with the reality of what has been happening under our noses and come together in unity and rebuild.  There is no one who hasn't been touched by their evil.  I can guarantee you that.  There is no political party that we will be able to align with because both people in the Republican as well as the Democrat Parties were guilty-but both were infiltrated and complicit- in the globalist crimes against humanity.


Let's start out with Lin Wood - Storm of tweets.


5 Times Mike Pence Helped China Steal Jobs

Memo Warns AG Sessions about Pence and Bondi - International Child Trafficking


hmmm- are there direct links to Ghislane Maxwell??  Setting up a TerraMar as a country not just a corporation? Wonder if that is so that they can claim citizenship on the high seas...so that they can't be prosecuted by recognized countries for smuggling kids-their goal and a drug and a currency.