Daily Research - 01-06-21

Wow what a Day!!!! 

Here is a great lesson in False Flags and things aren't what they appear...The fog is thick on the battlefield but there are lots of observations to call out.  

DC Support of our free and fair elections was unbelievable!! Way to go MAGA Patriots...not the fake ones who did the alleged damage. Great speeches!! Lots of ques in President Trump's speech.  All the military contacts I have are saying the same thing...IT'S GO TIME!!!

Breach of the Capitol in question??

None of the Information on the breach of the Capitol is making sense.

Let's start here...Time to ask questions and not accept anything at face value. They are letting the criminals commit the crimes to catch them.  

1. Did anyone actually see Congress in session this morning or was the session pre-recorded?

2. Big questions on how the police "let" the protesters past the barricades. 

3. The Capitol of the United States of America-you can't go into a court house, an airport without security-metal detectors etc...and we are suppose to believe

  • A. they walked in...stormed the Capitol..stayed between velvet ropes... as a violent mob would do if they were Storming the Castle...staying between velvet ropes.
  • B. Posed for pictures with Security Guards
  • C. Security Guard appears to be leading the mob through the Capitol
  • D. Are Protesters are documented as connected to Antifa/BLM(which is a billion dollar corporation-not a grass roots movement-well funded)? No...

I'll add to this because there are so many WTH moments...but I want to post info...


Insurrection Act of 1807 Incoming...all the pieces are in place.


Question Everything - Things that Don't Add Up

Protesters NOT MAGA - The Fog is thick here currently. Is there Proof of Antifa/BLM connected individuals

Facial Recognition firm Claims Antifa Infiltrated Trump Protesters

Digital Manipulation is also a huge part of the deception- Keep an eye open for reused photos - CGI Computer generated Images - we have a whole file - It would blow your mind.

BLM Infiltrator?... No he's a Marine.

Also does he have a Federally Recognized Pedophile symbol on his chest.. No...It's another symbol-similar but not the same. Easy to miss this one on the first pass.


Troops in Capitol -  Did they grab computers legally to gather evidence of their crimes?

Normal Computers have a screen saver which shuts off after a determined time...Nancy was in the chambers - why is her computer left open/unlocked? and emails open?


NPR-Timestamp 9:33am -Declaring the Protesters Breached the Capitol?? Actual Breach: Trump gave his speech at noon...actual breach happened after his speech. How did NPR know at 9:33am??

It's like watching the BBC Reporter announce that building 7 on 9-11 was down 20 minutes before the collapse - on live television. 


Lin Wood

Plane Info -

Doomsday Plane up...Translation mobile air command