Daily Research - 01-07-21

We have them!! They certified the vote - now the fireworks start!!!! This is where our resolve, commitment and faith plays out.  DON'T FLINCH!!! This a legal move to remove the criminals...and the military is breathing down their necks ready to pounce.  We caught them in their highest crime. Now comes the pain. 

Let's look at the legal moves.  We have been conditioned to take things at face value rather than look at what is behind what we are seeing.  It is all about optics...it has always been about optics.  That's how we got into this mess in the first place.  We have been conditioned to turn off critical thinking... our emotions kick in, they demoralize us and then they achieve their goal.  The goal is a fearful population which is easy to control as they slow walk us where ever they want. 

They created a fake pandemic crisis with Covid, not that Covid is fake, but the reaction was what they wanted...and achieved.  They got the country to shut down, used fake and moving numbers so that all engaged are in a high level of fear.  Shocking truth...How many people died in California from Covid under the age of 25? They shut the whole state down because 2 people under 25 died of Covid.  Does this sound like a pandemic? It is sad when anyone young dies. And my sincere heartfelt sympathies to their families.  But this doesn't merit shutting a down a state of California of over 39.3 Million residents  (not to be confused with citizens.)

Covid is an act of war/political terrorism - it was a planned bio-weapon. Listen to Judy Mikovitz previously from MIT...who was never charged with a crime but incarcerated for 5 years for what?? Telling the truth. 

OK...Back to the election-fraud and how this is gonna play out.  This is a legal process with some theatrics thrown in.  The military is gonna ramp up it's ground war...starting yesterday.  Eyes on Insurrection Act of 1807 - it's a limited form of martial law.  There is a total blackout going on with the military.  There is no way that they are going to lay their hand out there to step by step tell us ...now we are doing this or that.  That's what the MSM has been doing for years and we are conditioned to have to be in the absolute know...even if the information is false.  Question everything...