Daily Research - 01/09/21

Question everything!

There is a lot of fog on the battle field for the past few days...by design.  Since the Vietnam War - we want to be right there with the media having a sense of control by seeing.  If we aren't on the battlefield we are just in the way and potentially are being manipulated by our emotions.  We know the MSM is owned.  There is a coordinated effort to say the same trigger words, and deliver a consistent message...to program group think. That's why it's called "programming" regarding TV schedules. 

With that said, the process here on WarHorseIntel is question...then throw out observations...and correct those observations when new information comes in.  New information and lots of it is coming in regarding the Capitol breach...which is now being labeled an insurrection by the criminal MSM and levied against MAGA.  Well anyone who looks at the evidence - video and testimonials - can see it isn't MAGA.  They were a separate and controlled group, who were within the Trump supporters.  At first it looked like Antifa, because of the warnings, etc. but upon further evidence...We believe it was the good guys who staged the breach in order to gather laptops and evidence.  I'll lay the evidence out below-you decide.

Also when evaluating situations, don't expect to be in the know when operations are in process.  When planes are on active missions often they turn off their transponders-that also applies to other ground operations.  Once again we are conditioned to NEED to know what is going on - even if the information is wrong.  Gives us a false sense of security and makes it easy to lead us as sheep to the slaughter. 

We will be adding info throughout the day...there is a lot of it. 

Going to put it all  on the blog for tomorrow 1/10 because it all links together...get ready it's getting troops are moving in....