Daily Research - 01/11/2021

President Trump 

Important Message from President Trump - Now is the time to stand unwavering - unflinching.  We have them...We have everything!! (That was fast - YouTube took it down...will find another one-besides we have a copy)

Thank YouTube for taking our President's message down and the assault on our Freedom of Speech.  In the mean time...


Today was a mix of information, confusion on the battle field - regrouping of Digital Soldiers...questioning. Very interesting how, as we are in the midst of Military Planning, actions dove tail and they are all connected.  This is information ware fare! Military Connectivity combined with intelligence, is so far superior that the Communist Crime Syndicate that they are looking like a bunch of amateurs in a huge state of panic.  And they are making mistakes, just like Hitler did in WW2...but that's a whole other subject. (Spoiler alert - Hitler didn't rise to power...he was placed and discarded when they achieved their goals.)

State Department Post - Trump's Presidential Term Ending Today.

Today there was a lot of speculation started by a post by the State Department - "by a disgruntled employee" (wink-wink) This is as absurd as Antifa/BLM walking right into the Capitol, breaching security.  There are huge inconsistencies with this story as well. The pattern is that the good guys give us information or leads, which prompts researchers to dig on the precedents- which sets the ground work for what is coming. It's a consistent pattern. Problem - there is no way a disgruntled employee can get on the government national website and make a random post. This isn't how it works.  There are layers of checkers who have to have approvals and signatures to make changes of the magnitude where they state...

With that said...they got us digging to find out what happens if President Trump's term ends early...and why would it end early? Looks like the answer is this. If the President in acts the Insurrection act of 1807...Which he already sent the people home from the (alledged planned Insurrection) - DC Protest... His Presidency ends and he then becomes the Commander in Chief of the Military. 

Executive Order 13959

More Troop movement 

Pelosi Crime Family - Connected to Communist Party - Child Rape-one big family. Are they connected to the Bidens?

Research by Benjamin A Bock

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