Daily Research - 01/12/2021

Focusing on the Insurrection Act of 1807 - Troop Movement - Cyber Warfare 

Cyber Warfare - YouTube's attempts to scrub the video have failed.  Here is President Trump's message from yesterday:


Time stamps matter - and are a code of their own.

Check out how the dates of the Q Posts. They have been preparing us for years to help keep people calm while they are taking down a global crime syndicate...

Military Planning - this is a war of information.  Question everything!!! We are in the fog of war.  There is disinformation going on to confuse the enemy.  If we don't know what is going on neither do the enemies of the United States of America.  There are really good people in control...they know what they are doing and this has been planned for decades.  Don't flinch and stand unwavering while they are decimating a global crime syndicate which has been in existence for centuries...or the truth thousands of years.

Where's Hunter? Check out the Wake-up Boss Level - (Warning Graphic)

Strategy Wikileaks and Intel

WikiLeaks released very important documents. These documents include Hillary's emails and military assets in Afghanistan, Iraqi oil assets and many more





President Trump Declares a State of Emergency for Washington DC

Interesting - Pelosi calls in the National Guard - then President Trump uses this opportunity to call a State of Emergency...so they have to stay.  Ramps up the number of troops...builds a fence - check points next? Have to ask a question - is it to keep people from getting in or getting out? Read the text. And the next question is about Peter Gaynor's background.

Emergency Declaration for DC

Michigan - There is more going on in Michigan that what meets the eye


Lin Wood's site - Kraken-wood.com

So much going on...check back....