Prayer - Walk in faith

Good morning!!!! This is going to be a glorious day!!! This is the day that the Lord has made!! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!! Father we thank you for this day-we thank you for your plan. We trust your plan-The Plan. In all things you are all good all the time and the beauty of that teaching is the Rock of our existence-the Rock of our Salvation!! This morning the significance of your word sunk in to deepen my love for you. “You will maketh a table before me in the presence of mine enemies” what a great glorious truth!!!! Complete healing-sitting together in a feast celebration with all-broken relationships healed!! Total redemption!! I can’t imagine all enemies sitting as family and friends!! The true deceiver -the enemy of our souls gone-thrown into the pit of hell. And total forgiveness from you and from us to each other. We pray for all those who have hurt us-offended us-directly or indirectly. We pray for the souls of those who have hurt children or babies-who have lied-cheated stolen-who have hated everything good thing-who have hated and hurt those we love-those who have hated you. We thank you and bless you for the grace and forgiveness you have given us-we have all fallen short and have been deceived. Thank you for loving us enough to die for our failings-our sin-that we may live together forever with you-and each other. Oh the day that we get to sit at that feast table - our cup runneth over!!! Total healing total redemption!! Please fill us with your Holy Spirit today-and all days. Help us be you to the world-die to self-in all our actions and deeds-so that others can find you-and find your perfect love. Bless all of us with peace, love and complete healing. We love you Father-thank you -We are in awe of your beauty! In Jesus Name

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This article was updated on January 17, 2021