Daily Research- 01/13/21

Hello Patriots!! Stand unwavering - the goal wasn't to win the election...the goal was to "get them all."  All who committed decades long treason against the United States and their criminal activity levied against all of US....

Daily motivation from our President.  No matter what it looks like - nothing can stop what is coming!! The global crime syndicate is dying on the vine. The strings have been cut systematically - the severing of their power, financial ties started years ago.  Many of us have been researching and watching the beautifully executed take down of their power structure and it is glorious.  The last of it is about to be executed...in more ways than one. 

The Game is not over...the goal...catch them all...

Today - Decode: 523 and 528




We will never forget...names added to the "Need to be investigated for treason list"

Troop movement all over the United States - peace keeping? 


Election Fraud Talking Points 

The information contained is very good - however the conclusions on what will happen next are questionable.  We have already seen the legal path that they are taking - SCOTUS decline - Pence decline. The troops are already in place and the Insurrection Act of 1807 signed.  You might want to print this off to have a handy dandy fact booklet, concerning the fraud players involved in the election steal.  

Or Option Q....which is where we are.  Read the drops yesterday for Strategy.

White House Press Releases - Current News

Great area to peruse.  It is helpful to read Executive Orders and official documents at the source.  The MSM spins things -when you read the source things become clearer.

His name was Seth Rich - and MS-13

Atwood - True Crime Channel

Biden Compound in Ukraine Raided New Year's Day

Pre-Hospital Covid Treatment by Dr. Zelenko