Prayer - Unity/healing

Father we love you and pray for unity-help us to put others needs before our own and be sensitive to the unspoken hurts and pain that other people live with but never speak of. Help us to be real with each other-both in joy and in pain. Sometimes it’s so hard to share the hard things in life-the most painful things that tear our hearts apart. I ask that this is a safe place of acceptance and love-bearing with each other in all situations-being that help, that listening ear-that unconditional love. We are all in the same boat-subject to the same hurts-stresses and losses-even if they are packaged differently. Father heal us together!!! Heal us to you!! No separation no loss-no loneliness!! We celebrate our honest relationship with you-we bless you for creating each other -with all our imperfections and quirks-we are perfect-and more important perfect in your eyes! You made a way back to you-we were lost-and now we are found!!! Wherever you are we are home-we are loved!!!! We bless you Yahweh our Father!!! We bless you for your Son and what was accomplished at the cross!! We bless you for giving us your Holy Spirit!! We bless you for each other!! You are amazing Dad!! We want to be like you!!! Please bless my friends with help tonight-with joy and with peaceful sleep-wrapped in love and the protection of knowing that you are in the room with them-keeping watch!! We love you Dad!! In Jesus Name

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This article was updated on January 13, 2021