Prayer - Forgiveness 

Father we come together as one body-the body of Christ, your children and thank you for your love, support. Thank you that care about both the big things and the most  seeming insignificant things which are troubling to us.  When the world seems so full of uncertainty and seems out of control you are with us. We celebrate that you are there...going before us and guiding us, protecting us, providing for us. Nothing is random and there are no coincidences! 

We come to you with hearts full of worship, willing to let go of the reins and give you full control of our lives, our present situation and our future. 

We ask for your forgiveness in the Name of Jesus for our part in anything which has just been wrong - for any offenses, for poor decisions/complacency or selfishness, for hurting others, for anything we regret or which caused another one pain. We thank you that you take this all away as if it never existed and that you don't hold anything against us. Thank you for your grace and that we have complete forgiveness in you.  

Thank you that we can walk forward today in a new day a new creation! Redeemed, restored - ready to start over - the past is gone and will never be held against us!! Please walk with us guiding us into all righteousness as our counselor and the perfecter of our faith.  

If you can forgive us than we commit to forgive help them and love them as you love matter what they have done we lay it at your feet and ask you to heal all of us together as one family - united.  May your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

We love you and we trust you with this day, our lives, the direction of our country and our future.

In Jesus Name

This article was updated on January 26, 2021