Daily Research - 01/26/2021

Day 7 - Foreign Occupation

War Horse has been extremely busy archiving. When finding files save immediately. They will get removed or moved around and then the search for them begins again. Will be putting up archived content that has been saved throughout the day.  Please help the Patriots fight by passing this information on. Digital Warriors call of duty.

It is becoming increasingly clear that we are watching a movie and there are so many moving parts that it is mind boggling. Researchers are having the time of their life, piecing together the pieces of the puzzle -that's our job and calling on the battle field.  Make no mistake we are in a war...but the good news is that we have already won and are in the clean up.  In war, do you lay your plans out on the table so that everyone knows and approves of your every move? Not unless you want your enemy to know your next move so that they can have a counter move to beat you. 

They had the advantage for a long time, but that day is done.  The MSM (Main Stream Media) is a disgrace and now we all know not to listen to their "PROGRAMMING." Why do they call it programming? At a minimum the MSM is  untrustworthy and at a maximum an owned propaganda tool of the Global Crime Syndicate.   

We are the news!!! Citizens coming together to get the information out there which has been manipulated and hidden from us.  It has always come back to this  - Men and Women defending their home -their country - their rights!!!! We are the Patriots!!!  We are full of resolve to not let this group of inbred freaks -take what God has given us.  We will fight with our last breath to defend the children which the system is guilty of exploiting.  Who is the biggest child trafficking offender...The Global Crime Syndicate and their little minion agencies Child Protective Services and most of the 501c3s set up to give them access to children.  They worked in the dark for centuries - game over. Everything is in the light.  And it's all pretty easy to find if you are willing to do a little digging.  Have some people seen the video or stills of what was on the Weiner Laptop - feature film of Hillary and Abedin? Did the bad guys create technology to spy on all of us? Did the good guys get that technology and us it against the bad guys? 

What if some of the bad guys flipped when confronted with their own guilt to save their behinds and spilled info - which lead to other people who spilled more info...and so on and so forth. What if the good guys had infiltrated the caravans, Antifa, BLM and knew who all the players were from the top of the Global Crime Syndicate to the very bottom of their little club. What if they used the cameras and GPS in every electronic device - used to spy on us... to spy on them gaining damning evidence? And what if the enemy was so stupid that the evidence they left - which by design was right out there in front or our faces - was their ultimate downfall.  

We won...and we are watching the most incredible clean up the world has ever seen. They aren't going to feed us this information. It's out there ...all of it. We were given more than we know. Our job now is to get this information out there to people who are lost, scared, or under the influence of their Propaganda Machine.  It has happened before when their little eugenics/genocide actions happen right under the noses of a complacent population....WW2 Germany comes to mind among others.  

The end isn't for everyone. Diving down the rabbit hole isn't for everyone. There is a whole criminal world that most people can't even imagine exists or what happens there. 

So let's go fight this information together - unusual warfare of the digital soldier! War Horse will publish everything for YOU to evaluate. Trust yourself and dig. Spread the truth!!!

Impeachment Fraud 

Legal moves - Trump signed bankruptcy papers for the US Corporation!!!!

It's over!!!  President Trump is the last President of the fraudulent US Corporation!! The Treasury is Empty - the lights are out at the White House.  We are going to see a whole new form of government...the old guard no more. 


Which connects to this...Unlawful Impeachment-great for optics but not going anywhere.


What does this mean...

More connected ....

More money problems for the Global Crime Syndicate...



Military reassignment...following the President Trump's orders



Strategy - Q Posts, Anons, News bits...

People are waking up!!

McCain put to death...when they lie they make mistakes....

Arrests and penalties have already been taking place. Watch Chris Cuomo almost lose it when Kasich screws up the script on live TV and tells what really happened.