Daily Research - 01/27/2021

Day 8 - Foreign Occupation 

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Things aren't what they appear...

Nothing changes under the sun...however anything is possible with God and a group of patriots who have had their homes, lives, homeland, those they love threatened.  That's where you see true resolve...fighting for their lives...not just their convenience.  That is what we are involved in.  The changing of the old guard-and we have already seen an overwhelming suspicious deaths.  It is being carried out right in front of our eyes and if our sources of information are good  it is easy to spot.  How many strange deaths have we seen over the last 4 years?  Has there already been trials? Military trials? Convictions? Were some given the Rommel's Way Out?

There is something called the "Rommel's Way Out."  This is significant and we have seen this happen and are seeing this happen. The phrase "Rommel's Way Out" refers back to the most popular General, during World War 2, in Hitler's army (communists/Global Crime Syndicate at it again.) Rommel was accused of  crimes against the state.  He was given the option of facing a huge trial or death.  He chose death.  I'm going to repost the Kasich video to make a point.  The military was activate in this BEFORE Trump got in office.  More on that and that fact alone is a game changer.

Listen "John McCain was PUT TO DEATH."....

Now watch the reactions at the George Bush funeral.  What was in those envelopes? The good guys promise that they were all going down. The game was over.  Things of note. George passed a note to Michelle Obama. Note who gets the notes...Why not Carter? Watch their reactions...Especially after the Secret Service guy passes an envelope to George and the accompanying reaction by Laura and Jebb Bush.  Jebb looks absolutely sick.  Which brings us to another video...War Horse's favorite...When Diane Feinstein realizes that they were done...

We won this war before it got started...we are witnessing the largest clean up operation the world has ever seen.

Question everything...what's wrong with this picture...

Strategy - Legal - documents of the bankruptcy...

Are we starting to get the picture? US Corporation is Bankrupt?

Election Fraud



Was their a child prostitution ring being run out of the White House during the Obama years? Maybe the Reagan, Bush, Clinton years too?

We really have indicators pointing in the direction that the largest offenders of the human trafficking epidemic are those we have trusted to watch over and who are in control of the nations most vulnerable. CPS is looking like it needs to be investigated for human trafficking....so does the Red Cross. Haiti is an easy mark to see the child trafficking epidemic.  Children are a currency of their own with these despicable people.  We can expand this into the current topic of Chief Justice Roberts suspicious ties to Jeffrey Epstein and his questionable adoptions. They have made a mockery of the institutions we had put our trust in to take care of those who needed help and they exploited them and violated our trust...while running off with the bankroll...and the children.

Strategy - Anons, Q Posts...

For reference


Ingersoll Lockwood...Stoney Lonesome Group ... no coincidences - plan for business and economic development to carry forward the Trump policies. 


and....interesting....we need to look at all theories and facts to help us see logical connections.  Some connections which appear to be obvious are pointing us to look in a direction and not just for us to take at face value....look at the Connections.  

Interesting read....