Prayer - Trust God has a Plan

God always wins!!!!

Father thank you for always being with us - guiding us and ensuring our future.  We put all our trust in you - knowing that we don't have the plan...but you always do!! We know that we are winning - because you are leading us ... and you always win.  This is where our faith is perfected.  Please give us steadfast hearts, bravery, courage and the resolve to stay in this, finishing the race strong and unwavering.  We fight and follow your direction for your Kingdom.  By your will and help we will stand firm in our conviction to see your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  We may not have the step by step plan but you do!!!! Thank you for being our Father - Provider - Defender - Counselor who goes on the path ahead of us.  Thank you for being in control of the whole of creation.  We love you and we trust you unwavering.  In Jesus Name

This article was updated on January 28, 2021