Daily Research - 01/28/2021

Day 8 - Foreign Occupation 

War Horse has been extremely busy archiving. When finding files save immediately. They will get removed or moved around and then the search for them begins again. Will be putting up archived content that has been saved throughout the day.  Please help the Patriots fight by passing this information on. Digital Warriors call of duty.

The MSM Propaganda media is counting on a scared population to stop thinking and taking information in at face value.  Well War Horse isn't buying into their game.  Let's ask questions and think rather than shutting down.  This is our country - it's worth fighting for - there is no option of going back or laying down and giving up.  We are not even remotely done. There are so many moving parts going on now and if we think rather than just listen and do what we are told...we will avoid getting herded into the proverbial "box car" and having our lives and our voices extinguished. 

We have to be part of the solution!! That means commit, burn the boats-no turning back-fight our way out of this...Peacefully, legally, with absolute intelligence-strategy and conviction.  

Let's start with why we are on this path. 

For starters, FREEDOM!! Having rights given to us by God and which are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  For defending our nation from foreign exploitation for their profit or gain in their pursuit to enslave us and all of humanity.  To defend the most vulnerable - to give all equal protection for the pursuit of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness as endowed by our Creator.  To ensure the equal protection under the laws of a Constitutional Republic not under a mob rule of a Democracy ensuring a smooth functioning society and a continuation of an orderly and law abiding society. To provide the same opportunities for success. 

Which brings us to what happened yesterday with the epic Game Stop v Global Elite dominated hedge funds. Funny...oh yeah.

Game Stop - what is happening? What is this all about??

War Horse has been highly amused by this little move on the part of a group of digital soldiers!! Kek!! What happened with the Game Stop Insurrection?? Why did all the investment sites shut down trading? How long has this been a game of billionaires screwing with the stock market to keep ordinary people out of the market?  And is there a bigger picture which was both predicted and which ties into what is happening politically next to bring down the old guard...which had its origin in "follow the money." It absolutely does. This is the potentially the biggest investment story of our lives. Creative, crazy and absolutely hilarious.

Interesting take above.  War Horse disagrees with any fear mongering or civil war pushers.  This is where critical thinking rules the day.  Patriots are in control and what we are seeing is the stripping of assets from the Global Crime syndicate...and their malicious intent to do damage to the United States of America, by manipulation.  What if they pull back their remaining funds and put them in traditional banking to achieve safety after the financial blood bath? What if malicious damage is proven? Can those funds be seized? 

Well would you look at this...Black Rock connected to Adam Schiff - Burisma -Uranium One - and they raked in billions....



Was this predicted? Check the dates...


Date 11/12/2020??

More - Game Stop bits...




Dan Scavino comms...table is prepared...


Comparison of Nazi/communism behavior then and now...

Is it the same little Global Crime Syndicate/ club. Who is going to be their next genocidal target?? They went after the Jews and Gypsies on the WW2 round...guessing their next target is going to be Christians. Chinese Communists are going after Muslims and Uighurs... currently. Everywhere they go there is a trail of bodies...because they are psychopaths who do not care. 

Child trafficking is a global epidemic...Why? These people are sick...


800,000 Missing Children - Medical Kidnapping for Child trafficking