Prayer - Hope for an awesome future

Father we praise your name for now and ever more!! From this day forward we will sing your praise as a people-One nation under YOU indivisible - committed to serving your flock. Please pour your Holy Spirit out on the shepherds and brave ones you have put in place to guard and protect your people. Please surround President Trump and his precious family with your very presence-protection, strength, courage, bravery, truth - and that they may have the favor of YOU God Almighty and also the favor and respect of all men!  Please send warring angels to stand with our military men and women who are on the front line- restoring law and order-who stand for truth, justice, fairness and protection of your creation-your people.

We thank you for blessing us, for saving us not just for eternity but in this day. Thank you for walking with us -guiding us and protecting us. You are our only treasure-the time we spend with you no matter what the present or the future brings.  We choose you over all the riches the world has to offer-and all that we have been given we lay humbly at your feet. We are willing to follow you into whichever direction you would have us go. We want to be your ambassadors to the lost-whom the enemy of our souls has deceived. Give us the direction and strength to surround them with forgiveness, healing and all who will knock at your door for repentance and forgiveness. We ask that you open the eyes of the lost and help lead them back into a right relationship with you.

Please bless every effort - every word - every good prayer and intention to edify the Body of Christ and to give Glory to you and honor to your Love and your Kingdom. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven - giving you all the praise, glory and honor. 

We LOVE you!!!! We thank you and adore you!! We trust you now - this day - and walking into the glorious future you have planned for us!!

In Jesus Precious Name we pray Amen.

This article was updated on January 20, 2021