Daily Research 01/20/2021 Illegitimate Presidential Inauguration

FYI - going into the legal and procedural strategy that appears to be emerging on tomorrows post...It's gonna be a wild - exciting - glorious ride!!! We got this!!

Day 1 - The Real Battle Begins

Lets start with the process of rebuilding. This fight isn't done...President Trump has spent a huge amount of time telling us that he wouldn't ever let our election be stolen.  Has he ever not delivered on a promise? NO 

So it's time to let this play out and make a plan.  It isn't over.  Even though it was a sad day to see an illegitimate person sworn into the office of the President.  That is sad.  The evidence was overwhelming that the entire process was a fraud.  Everyone has the right to mad as hell-embarrassed-depressed.  But waste of time a lot of time on that - it's unproductive.  Let's regroup and stand for our country.  Everyone of those people standing on the stage-acting-is guilty of treason against the citizens of the United States of America.  They participated in the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against a population.  

We the people have always come together - we are mutts - coming from all over the world to stand together for justice and liberty for all.  Of note that Biden left those words out of his speech( liberty and justice for all.)  

War Horse is in for the long haul- to bring truth to light. To support all patriots and law abiding citizens - the Constitution - the rights of all people...and the ability for our citizens to have a government of the people by the people.  If our government failed us -by upholding the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution we have both the right and obligation to replace that corrupt government.  It's time to legally and peacefully step up to this task.  

The battle has just begun. 


Let's Make God and President Trump Proud!!!!

The President's Advisory 1776 Commission.