Daily Research - 1/21/2021 Illegitimate President

Day 2 - The Battle still rages on...we are under occupation


How are you doing? ...When it was said it was going to be Biblical, pretty sure the implications of that statement weren't fully understood. For those new to the world of research things often aren't what they seem - question everything and take nothing at face value.  Researchers were told that this would happen. Everything has to be carried out by the letter of the law or we would never get our country back being a government of the people by the people. Without the Constitution or law and order we would fall into a dictatorship and be worse off than we have been for ... decades at least. 

Yesterday we saw a fraudulent election installing an illegitimate leader.  There are some bigger truths that are going to be hard for people to swallow. So let's get into asking some questions...use logic. There are a myriad of things that make no sense.  Starting with the National Guard Soldiers turning their backs on Biden as he drives by.  Looks like a drive of shame. In a military chain of command, not saluting a senior officer or turning their backs is insubordination. What are the soldiers closest to the Office of the President telling us? Looks like that he isn't their Commander in Chief. Maybe they know something...  

Just so you know...anons and researchers aren't flinching.  There is a legal way this has to be done...Law and Order restored.  Trump didn't concede - and he didn't start this fight to walk away from it and have everything he has done undone by a foreign occupation.  

National Guard Soldiers Turn Their Backs on the Illegitimate 

Pretty sure the country is coming together in peace and unity.  Under the replacement of the old guard - who were paraded out in front of us yesterday for the country to look upon with absolute disgust.  Now is the time to stand firm for peace, love, community, honesty, integrity, law and order. Reach out to neighbors who are struggling or in need. Lift each other up. Be the example of what the world should be while this is getting sorted out by the military and President Trump. Have faith and trust - this battle isn't over yet!!! It has to be done by the letter of the law...Legally and without breaking one law or violating the terms outlined by the Founding Fathers.

The Big Picture

The most important video of the day...more to come legally after you understand this. End of the Corporation of the United States.  President Trump is the last President of the corporation and will become the 19th President of the United States of America after this is all sorted out!

Let's look at the set up that President Trump was working on...And where it is going.

Law to consider...

We appear to be under foreign occupation which is a game changer when you evaluate what is going on...

Writ of Quo Warranto

Interesting law that appears to fit the bill...Remember the complaint couldn't be filed until after Biden was sworn in at noon.  But wait - he was allegedly sworn in 10 minutes earlier...and a few other important evidences are emerging which calls a whole lot of things into question.

This is significant in legally challenging a fraudulent election.


Strategy - Anons, Qposts, News bits

not to worry...it's already failed...

Check the badge out...Chinese handler or US Marshall?

Letter President Trump left for Biden ...Master Troll we tip our hat to you...

What the Hell is up with Biden in the Oval office...Wall paper doesn't match. Hmmmm


And Trump has a picture of Andrew Jackson. Biden has Benjamin Franklin - who was never a president either coincidentally. 

Foreign Occupation....



Questions ...

Military actions 

Who was attending the inauguration

Trumps actions

Inauguration protocols broken

Possible Legal Move