Daily Research - 1/22/2021 Foreign Occupation

Day 3 - The Battle still rages on...we are under occupation

Yesterday's post didn't post correctly - problem found and remedied - lots of legal information there to go through...


AND....WE...ARE...WINNING!!!!!! We already won...

Standing unwavering ready to serve this country - rebuild what the enemy has stole and above all fight for the rights of others - children and all those who have been harmed-trafficked or exploited by the Global Crime Syndicate.  Those who know can't sleep...a truer statement has never been said.  There is a lot that doesn't get posted here for the sake of protecting those who just don't want to or can't face it. No judgement.  It's not for everyone.  It will be your choice - some of us were just born for this fight.  But know it's real - we have everything...enough proof to charge them all with war crimes - crimes against humanity - and treason. Nothing digital is ever deleted.  So when you hear that they lost the emails- deleted emails-texts etc...sit back and laugh.  It's for optics like most of what you hear on MSM.  Watch who you listen to - who you follow - think critically - and question everything...QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!! 

If they were doing it before the election, you can count on it that "Propaganda Media" including Fox (Owned by Murdock ) is still working it hard.  They think they can't stop what is coming - yet another stupid miscalculation. On social media you can see the shills out in force trying to save their behinds. But they are all going down.  A friend in intelligence who has since disappeared - talked about adrenaline coaches.  That's their job - get people's emotions engaged so that they can't think logically, move into a fear based reaction so that they are easy to control.  They know how to do it to large populations too...take Covid for example.  Is it real? Are the reactions logical? The data doesn't support anywhere near the reaction and the lock downs and plans for containment are so riddled with absurdity that it boggles the mind.  Is the population  researching? or are they listening to the talking heads.  If the source is bad - can we conclude that the data is also bad? 

On to Daily Research...

Pelosi sends House Home...strange

Biden Executive Orders

Even crazier - none of the EOs that Biden allegedly signed are showing up on the Federal Register.  Can we conclude that they don't exist and never happened?

Federal Register for Executive Orders

This info was from this morning...2 days and no Executive Orders posted.  If they are suppose to be posted immediately - do they exist? Doubts exist!!