Daily Research - 01-23-2021

Day 4 -Foreign Occupation -The Declass happened!!!!!

Sorting through documents like drinking from a fire hose!!! Will be sorting through information and posting as much as possible.  Bear with War Horse please...thousands upon thousands of documents - evidence. 

We are seeing the destruction of the old guard, and a return of the government by the people for the people. This is going to be a little complicated but the end will be glorious. 

Researchers have always known that it was about us- WE THE PEOPLE - you and I-  coming together in unity to take back our country from a Global Crime Syndicate.  Biden's sham false Inauguration is coming out...but there is so much more.  It didn't happen and neither did any of his EOs.  They are slipping up on a daily basis.  Let's unravel - question everything and look at the proofs.

Like I said bear with WarHorse ... on duty!!

Why did China invaded Taiwan's airspace 16 times yesterday? No condemnation for Acts of War from Biden? We invaded Syria Wednesday afternoon? Well the show goes on!! Is Samsung is building a chip manufacturer in the United States? hmmm This is a much bigger deal that most people realize.  

These people are stupid... Schumer said, "Senators will have to decide if Donald John Trump incited the ERECTION???" ... well the whole country is pretty excited about the Trump presidency so there you go!!!!