Daily Research - 01/24/2021

Day 5 - Foreign Occupation

Of the People by the People

It's always been about returning the power of governance to the people....In every fight you really find out who the true- honorable and righteous are.  We are in an information warfare ... however we won.  It may seem like we lost, but that's only because the Propaganda media is in full swing, still trying to save their behinds.  The data dump is overwhelming. War Horse has researched over 8 to 10 hours a day for year and never seen anything like it.  Motivation time...We are in a war and warriors need to stick together.  We have everything...and are working on a reset.  We were given everything...

Daily motivation to keep going.  It is not even remotely finished.  

The Preamble of the Constitution

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Sometimes people need to be shown the consequences of apathy, complacency ... and the consequences of believing a lie.

Here are some questions. Do you know....

...what was going on in MIT
...Who is Aaron Swartz, James Dolan, James Perry Barlow?
...What was their connection to E. Snowden?
...Why and how did they all die? What were they killed for?
...What is the Wonderland Network?
These are baby steps into the world of the organized Global Crime Syndicate.  Why is it important? Because if we don't understand how the enemy works, behaves...we will never understand what is going on in the world right now.

They didn't die in vain.  And there are untold others who have died in the pursuit of protecting fellow human beings...or getting out after selling out.  Good men and women who put their lives on the line, paid the ultimate price. Their is no option to walk away, or closing our eyes will pretending to make this go away.  

The amount of data and information that is coming out on the back channels is unbelievable.  War Horse is going to do a Data Downloads section for archiving and documentation purposes.  

The inauguration didn't happen. And Biden isn't legally our president. Period.  We know how they blackmailed 90% of our politicians with bribes, and honey pots.  There is this little thing about nothing digital is EVER erased.  That's how they caught them - followed the money - found the connections.  Remember what President Trump said..."I caught them all." 

Think about this.  You have a camera on your phone, computer all electronic communication devices.  Well guess what? If you are looking at something, is it possible that someone is using technology to look at you...and record what it is seeing? The answer to that is yes.

So supposing that there are huge networks of Child Porn, Human Trafficking, Snuff films...which would destroy peoples lives...what happens if people engage? Are they being watched? What if the technology was built to help the Global Crime Syndicate, but was taken over by the good guys to catch the bad guys?  And what if they have this information and have been systematically getting a lock on the complete organization...so that they can take the whole thing down from the top to the bottom? 

Seems a little far out there? But what if it can be proven? How do you think they got Hunter Biden? We are witnessing the biggest clean up operation the world has ever known.  Part of that is setting up the organization to go forward, keep people safe, have continuity of operations, while gutting the bloated - self serving government structure which we have all grown to know.

We have to wake up the rest of the population who have been lied to and call them out!!!!!! Anyone who voted for Biden is responsible for the invasion of Syria (war mongers) the day of the fake inauguration and the resulting 57(number growing) people who died as a result of that invasion!!!  Call them out!!!!!  We can't call out people if we don't have the facts to back it ...so lets continue getting to the bottom of this. 

Trump trained in quantum physics....guess they underestimated their opponent. 

More Inauguration that didn't happen proof...

Anon notable

What does the air traffic tell us...following planes lets you watch movement in real time.  When transponders are turned off - they are on an op.

Legal findings and connections Concerning the Chinese occupation of DC and their foreign asset Joe Biden.

Posting all the positive news before we get into the propaganda optics used to create panic. Great evaluations come from actual documents, solid sources, and critical thinking.  There have been a ton of legal docs dropping. We have to get this information out to other discouraged patriots.  



The following document is significant. Election Fraud isn't going away...click and read the following PDF 250+ pages

Zenger version of Sidney Powell election fraud doc


...Yet...are we seeing the court system being implicated and are they proving complicity?

Questions to ask about the following ... we need to teach ourselves to think not react. 

They are showing us all the actions that a communist asset would do.  Do they matter? No. None of this goes into play for 30 days.  And what else is happening within that 30 days.  Have faith the best is yet to come.


Full list of Biden lies

Insulin $9 Under Trump went instantly to $262 with a stroke of Biden's pen.

More Excuses not to comply to the laws that we are suppose to be subject to by the Global Crime Syndicate 


Another stupid policy our talking heads are being directed to do by the Global Crime Syndicate...don't be concerned. 


Strategy - Anons, Q and Connections


Fiona Hill a George Soros Mole

Eyes Open...Nevada...here's your advance notice. Once again-they are so arrogant and stupid that they put their playbook right out there.

*Amen in Hebrew is pronounced (aw-mane)   This word means “So be it, truth, verily, truly“.

Remember  - Qs warnings about the drops to come... crimes against humanity? Mengele was part of their sickness...they are psychopaths/sociopaths.   

Warning:  Welcome to a soft intro into the world of going down the rabbit hole...

the farther in you go the weirder it gets.  This is not for everyone. War Horse is putting some of this under Wake-up Boss Level, with planning in the works for documents, etc. If we are a sovereign free people, who are have self-governance...why are they hiding so much? Because most of them are complicit, blackmailed, have no integrity, have something to hide?? Might be a good starting assumption.

Soft intro into their weird practices.  Who Is this standing with Marina Abramavich at at Spirit Cooking Event? Was she at the pre-recorded Biden inauguration.  Pretty sure we need to know who is running things and how they are connected. And who is this behind Marina? These are really sick people (being generous.) Are you ready to know...