Daily Research - 01/20/2021

Watching History in the Making

Today some interesting pieces are coming together and we are watching history in the making.  As a army of Patriots we all have our part to play.  Our Patriotic calling is to stay calm, help spread good information - which the MSM propaganda media has been actively working to subvert. Our country is entering at the time of glorious end of the battle. We are removing the corrupt old guard and taking back our country from a Global Crime Syndicate which has it's roots and control mechanism in every criminal enterprise and action defying what good-true-honest people can even imagine. 

In the next few days you will start seeing more information which will be shocking... beyond even what the CIA op Hollywood filth has put out to change the mindset and tolerance of the population. It's going to be OK.  The band aid has to be pulled off quickly so that this country and the world can get back to healing.  Remember we are dealing with sick psychopaths. What they have done is wrong beyond words...and they are so sick that they don't even have the capacity to know what they have done is wrong.  Psychopaths have no empathy - everything is about them and they have no ability to either love or care. I will go into the psychological profile of psychopaths-sociopaths-narcissists-predators later-all the same. Anyhow, anything you see or hear is not your fault-so we can't internalize it-be depressed ...or give up.  

We won...no matter what confusing message is put out there. Rely on facts not opinions and think logically. Why was there so much work done to the government website - yesterday? Why is Trump leaving with the Nuclear Football with the nuclear codes-policy dictates that he hand it over to the incoming President at noon?? Why would he establish a chain of command - which moves us to a military continuation plan? There are a boat load of questions which confront anomalies in the process leading us to the same conclusion - it's not over.

We won!!!

Today we enter into a time like the patriots who have gone before us to finish this fight!!!  It's going to be glorious...the best is yet to come!! Buckle up it's going to be a wild ride!!!! We are entering the last stages of the battle together and will rebuild this nation as a band of citizen patriots - with an actual say in how it's run.  Start a list and think of ways we can come up with solutions going forward to solving some big problems which have been swept under the rug. Pray - help others around you and sit back and watch the pieces fall in place.  God bless President Trump - our Military men and women - and God bless America!!!

Just a bit of interesting info - about War Horse Intel...if this little blog wasn't a threat against misinformation why have we been put on a Chinese watch list? Currently 113 Website hackers actively trying and 483 login hackers trying to break in...We have your IPs guys...kek. The fight is both real and amusing...these people are stupid.

Strategy - Q posts, Anons and news bits...

Count the flags...17=Q Patriots in control

See the similarities...symbolism will be their downfall

Source - NoQ Report

Unbelievable how stupid these people are...but people who are panicking and know that nothing can stop what is coming make mistakes...Check out the following.

Laws - go back to the law and Executive Orders...


Watch Ezra...he's trustworthy

Voxday.blogspot.com has some really interesting articles. Good research behind their articles.

We can go back and look at Melania's outfits - they follow a pattern. She is wearing a military style...eyes open.


The comms go back to 1917 - Russian Revolution. Fighting the same communist Global Crime Syndicate with the underpinnings of "honeypots" - most have been blackmailed and fortunate for us - "We have everything." Stupid people have been compromised by their dealings with these people...videos for blackmail purposes.  

Strange that the website was taken down after Lin Wood Tweeted it...Whatcha hiding?

Currency-defrauded America for years from the Central Bank - IMF

All things are connected