Daily Research - 01/19/2021

For God Family and Country!!! A Day to be proud of our country...our military - what America stands for as we take a stand!!

We fight for freedom - equality - justice - truth - righteousness - equal protection under a just and enforceable law!!  It's been years in the planning and digital soldiers all over the world are celebrating!!! We are watching history in the making.  Eyes open...here we go...out of the trenches and running!!!

Accurate assessment of the Corporation of America ending

Getting ready to end the Corporation of America. Bards has a wonderful grasp on history, which helps understand the legal moves that are being done now on the battlefield.   DC is a foreign body, which was stolen from us. This a wonderful explanation of the moving parts that we see.

From Chatter...going to make sense of the order later...info is dropping fast ... feels like drinking from a fire hose!! 

Remember - 90% of all war is not open warfare - its psychological, subversion and infiltration.  Watch the military - they are organized.  Information warfare is designed to demoralize - mislead - and get the population to turn against the effort for subversive or nefarious purposes.  A life goal - not to be counted among those who are disloyal or sucked in by fear mongering tactics.  The communist Global Crime Syndicate wrote the book on by psychological warfare - and they are good at it.  Never underestimate their abilities - we have all been sucked in at some point.  Watch - think logically - and if you feel concerned or afraid...they probably gotcha! 

The time to stand bravely is now!!! Backing our men and women of the military, who are truly laying their lives on the line to take back this country, is our patriotic call of duty.  We were already a socialist country - "China" was and is here.  Let's be clear the enemy wasn't a geographic location - that's how they got us in the first place. "Look at this country they're bad guys" - as they walked right in our country unnoticed - looking like one of us. They were the infiltrating assets in politics, - traitors to our country who sold us out to the Global Crime Syndicate seated in UK-Italy-China-North Korea-Canada and the list goes on. There are over 60 countries who were involved with stealing the United States election. 

But it doesn't stop there.  They had infiltrated corporate America-academia-federal government-activist judges-legislators-Soros elected district attornies-DOD(contractors.) I'll add who had NEVER been financially audited. $21 trillion dollars "unaccounted for" in Pentagon alone since 2000. (working on posting the list of corporate heads who have resigned or removed - another Trump Administration accomplishment.)  Under the guise of doing good for the world our 501c3s were being used to move money...and people around the globe. Happening right under our noses-and they were telling us what they were doing as they were doing. (We have evidence.) There's more but for today we are gonna focus on election fraud, where we are and where this is going.  

Standing unwavering and unflinching....we won and are in the clean-up!

Saudi Arabia was the first to have a complete regime change - One of the biggest seats of human trafficking. Seemed fitting....for Child traffickers...

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