Daily Research - 01/18/2021

Documents are flooding onto the battlefield. 

There is a ton of movement - will be posting throughout the day as it comes in.  Big threads following to document connections and indications of criminality. Not big on betting on dates but all chatter is saying the same thing...

The next 48 hours of your lives will never be forgotten...Declas Obamagate Documents expected to be released tomorrow afternoon...Declas brings down the house!!!

If there are any announcements to stay home and stay out of the way...listen to them.  The military is in position to shift control to the military until they get things sorted out.

You are safe...take time to enjoy your family - help others stay calm. This has all been in the plan for decades and the outcome will be glorious.  A rapid draining of the swamp on deck....There is nothing that is going to stop what is coming for the Global Crime Syndicate. Sit back and enjoy the show!! We got this....

The last few days there seems to be a huge dump of information to set the stage of a new form of government.  The Constitution requires us to replace any form of government when it becomes corrupt.  We can evaluate the difference in past administrations and the President Trump Administration.

Think about the trillions of dollars that the United States have given to every nation on the planet...and the people still hate us.  You would think that "We the People" should realize some benefit from contributing to other countries economies. Why WAS America so hated-before President Trump took office? Because the people who were suppose to receive the aid never got or see the money.  If you follow the money you can see that it is a huge, round robin circle of money distributions (laundering, pay to play-Quid Pro Quo, and outright kick backs.) We can trace politicians bank accounts to off shore accounts and see their net worth rise after they get in office. Also you can look at who is screaming the loudest about the tariffs imposed, say on China, and will ALWAYS find economic incentives and ties individuals have to China-or the Ukraine or-or-or the list is huge.  Going back to yesterday's list of whole governments resignations or politicians stepping down, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The ties were cut in Saudi Arabia first, England, North Korea, and China Followed - and there were many more whose PROXY GOVERNMENT submitted-ties cut to the Global Crime Syndicate.

The people of these countries were under the same oppression and outright thievery that was going on here in America.  Why do we see people taking to the streets all over the world - because they are being freed. And the freedom isn't just monetary. The drops regarding human rights abuses-Human and child trafficking have just been touched on.  The world has no idea the horrors that has been going on right under our noses.  History repeats-it has happened many times before...WW2 genocide of the jews, Cambodia, Poland.  When we look at the history of Poland - they same playbook was followed to the letter here.  

The future that stands before us is unfathomable - glorious!!! No matter what you hear on the MSM & most of what you hear on the internet- you are safe. You are seeing military planning to eliminate criminals from the top of the structure to the bottom.  WE already won!!! We are just in the clean up phase!!  

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You think? 

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Sounds like the MSM game is about to be called - no censoring the next few days

Adding to the Notable Death List - Suicide Weekend great way to escape prosecution

Monkey Werks - 

Monkey Werks is an amazing guy to follow.  He has unmatched knowledge about military action and planes.  He has a great video presence and a good way to start out the day.  Watch for him. MilSpecOps another name he goes by.  Big Respect for this patriot.

Monkey Werks - The Sicilian Defense D5

Biden Ukraine - Criminal findings which need to be investigated

Post : Vox - Key Findings

Biden documents - Save off as PDFs - Worth the Read.

Joe Biden - Wished it didn't exist file - Hunter connections in China. 64 pages of damning evidence.

Joe Biden Ukraine Money file - Hunter Biden connections in Ukraine. 87 pages of damning evidence.

Election Fraud - China/Italy connection 


Source - Laverita

Source - Article Arturo D'Elia

Source-Article  William Lynn, Obama's First Ethics Exception, Causing Massive Headaches

Break in the thread...additional information...

Source - Article Cyber Attack Scenario


Source-article Crowd Strike Shawn Henry

Source - Govt Link Executive Order

Source - Article Huawei to scale down supply of Covid masks

Getting close to the top of the Pyramid...Lord Mark Malloch Brown

Follow the money and the connections - Corporate infiltration of who owns who...and pays tribute to the mob boss(es).

Malloch PDF

Quantum computing info

Is there a link to Qs planning abilities? Statistical Probability-Looking Glass? Executive Order 13859 is mentioned...Interdasting dig.

Quantum Computing - A Strategic Vision for American Quantum Computing Networks

Artificial Intelligence Quantum Information Science

National Strategic Overview for Quantum Information Science

Quantum Frontiers

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