Daily Research - 01/14/2021

The war on the Central Bank System - 

There has been so many gains made already.  Trump instigated tariffs on China. President Trump reorganized the Federal Reserve under the treasury. This was a huge move because contrary to what most people think, the Fed wasn't part of the United States Government.  It was a foreign owned entity, who issued our currency and loaned it to us to "use" at a high interest rate.  The United States of America would never be able to get out of debt. That ended and now we are in control of our currency and it is organized under the Treasury department which is under the control of the Executive Branch. HUGE!!!!!

What is really interesting is to "follow the money." You can see politics being driven by, carried out,  and who fell in step with the goals of the IMF in coordination with the CFR.  Anyone involved in either of these entities should be seriously in question and under investigation for foreign interference, nation building, money laundering, human rights violations, and a myriad of other crimes.  There are many arms of the Global Crime Syndicate and they all more or less work are connected. 

Seems odd that Pelosi is being escorted by LEOs wearing badges.

Wondering if they are there to help her out ...after her 2 no-shows. Might want to keep our eyes on this. 

Recording of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey talking openly about censoring. Thank you Project Veritas

The big tech platforms are clearly in violation of the Executive Order concerning interfering in US elections.  Considering Saudi Royal family members are major share holders, in Twitter - maybe we should expect the hammer to fall on companies in the big tech community to be charged with foreign interference. There was a purge of accounts this week of President Trump, General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and many other accounts which were pro-American. This is a direct assault on free speech and all American's First Amendment Rights.  Violating Constitutional Rights of fellow citizens fall under the classification if convicted of treason.

On another note...old Jack here is looking a little rough.  Might be the face of panic, because he knows there is no stopping what is coming.  When Twitter decided to censor content they became a publisher. That makes them liable for every post and content of contributors. Might be a problem for them, especially due to the amount of open pedophilia and child trafficking that is on Twitter. 

Declass Incoming!!!! Declass brings down the house!!!

PEADS Presidents Emergency Declaration - 

Everyone wants to know what is coming next or what to expect. Understanding that President Trump and the patriots are law abiding people, they will do everything legally and in order.  Following the Declarations, legal documents and Executive Orders give us a road map to what is coming next.  The following is extremely telling. Read this following thread keeping in mind that President Trump talked about signing into existence new rules starting January 1, 2021.  Pretty sure he was referring to this. With all the troop movement it fits. 

Bill Anouncement

Article - PEADS Secret Powers