Prayer - Walking with God

Good morning Father!!! So thankful for this day ahead-It’s going to be a great day!! Looking forward to a day of healing for everyone here! Especially heal our hearts and our relationships. Pull each of our families together-help us to be sensitive to each other and not easily offended. Help us to control our mouths that only healing words will be spoken within our families - knowing that everyone is dealing with their own insecurities-losses-pain. Help us not to cause any more-and forgive those who have hurt us. We hold your hand through this day and receive your strength!! Your joy!!! Your peace and understanding!!! Give us your heart and your eyes to see the world around us! Give us your ears - and the ability to hear your voice and walk the path that you have laid before us. Thank you for each and everyone here!! You know the unspoken needs and heartbreak. Please fill all those needs in a miraculous way - giving glory to you - so all are pulled closer in their relationship to you - increasing our faith in who you are-and that we are your children and you love us!!! We love you Dad!! We bless you today!! Hope you have a great day Yahweh!!! In Jesus Name

This article was updated on January 15, 2021