Daily Research - 01/15/2021

The World is About to Change...

In the coming days there will be a mixture of solid information and disinformation.  Use critical thinking skills to evaluate EVERYTHING. Humans instinctively want to be in control in situations which "feel" out of control. This inclination has been used over and over to control us. Good or Bad we have certain predispositions and bad actors know how to use this against us.  They are both stupid...and not stupid because we are dealing with psychopaths/sociopaths/super predators. 

Their failings (bad guys) is that they are arrogant and always get tripped up in their belief system.  Some people involved are in this global crime syndicate for the money, but not all of them. A large portion of them are in it above all for a sick blind loyalty to an allegiance to a belief system which is at war with humanity. They have no ability to have empathy and do not think like the majority of us. Most people are good - we care about others and live to pursue good and right purposes.  So watch things unfolding as an observer not a participant - it will help you cope with what is going to come out. Some of us have been in this arena for a long time...we are here to help you and have been put in places to help and rebuild going forward. Above all stay calm and help the others around you stay calm...pray...patriots in control...and above all God is in control.

Inside Intel dropped this this morning


Emergency declared in DC through 1/24.

21,000 troops in DC, surrounding the capital with barbed wire fences.

Head of FEMA now in charge of DHS.

FEMA + FCC saying to prepare for a power outage.

FCC reminding broadcasters about EMS rules.

Almost all the RED checkboxes checked.

POTUS signaling “Q” using Morse code gestures.

Ukraine docs being declassified.

MS-13 leadership arrested.

POTUS hinting pardons this weekend.

John Solomon reporting DECLAS coming tomorrow or Monday 

Tomorrow is Friday the 15th, matching the Qdrop Presidential Alert test screenshot from 2018.

Oh... and tomorrow is the last “Friday & Saturday” before January 20 that can "deliver on the MAGA promise"

Dunno about you guys.... but something is up 

(h/t midnite_rider on gab for consolidating the habbenings)

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I forgot to add the little detail that up to 15 capitol police have been under investigation in regards to their incitement of the riot. And now we have an arrest of ANTIFA/BLM doing the same thing. 

Starting to get the picture? 

They used this event to try to remove us, and then enacted the most Orwellian abuse of free speech in American history. So bad, that other countries, Trump’s enemies, said it was a dangerous slope.

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Simon Parkes - Charlie Ward - Doug Billings

Explaining the set up for the Global Crime Syndicate's intentions to destroy the global economy.  Set up for arrests of high level criminals-Human Trafficking. Watch with your critical thinking hat on. Good information but question everything. Everyone has bits of the truth...but no one is 100% over the target.

Constitutional law -

Trump and the patriots are working to uphold the constitution and the rule of law. Let's go back to the subject of following the Executive Orders - Declarations, etc. They will show us the path ahead clearer than any other source with opinions. More to come....