Daily Research - 01/16/21

Battlefield set up - we are winning!!

Yesterday there was a huge amount of info/intel and a larger amount of disinformation to sift through.  Remember we are at war! And most of this war is being fought as information warfare. From sifting through literally hundreds of news bits/sources every day - we know that you can throw out 90% of what you see or read.  Most of it is propaganda.  Years ago a source who worked in intelligence told me - about adrenaline coaches.  Yes they exist and are a huge part of this huge Global Crime Syndicate. What an adrenaline coach does is get in the midst of people and work to create fear, engage emotions or demoralize.  You will see it all the time if you are online.  The reason why they are so effective is that they look like one of us patriots - the reality is that they are wolves in sheep's clothing The effects of it move people from the rational arena of always be prepared-thinking to irrational reactions which is where we make mistakes and are easy to manipulate.  Adrenaline coaches are great at this.   Always ask yourself - did what I'm reading engage my emotions-fear, insecurity? That is where you step back and think. 

Their downfall is that they are arrogant, they think we are stupid, they see us as nothing more than animals to be profited off of and managed as a herd to use for their gain.  Why else would a politician sell the United States-our security-our technology to China? They use symbolism and if you can see it and you can stay a step ahead of them.  The accurate information you are hearing might seem like our beautiful world is turning bad quick.  The reality is that it has always been this way - we just didn't know about it. We were in the dark...but we are moving from dark to light and all their moves are being moved into the light for all to see. 

We are winning - bigly!!

Understanding the premises that and the behavior and belief system of the enemy are tantamount to understanding what is happening, where this is going, and then coming to terms with the pure evil behind this propaganda-disinformation war ...which is about to move into overt action.  Watch the good guys - sit back and enjoy the show.

Come and get it!!!!! Patriots are in control....

Spoiler alert...He isn't going anywhere...

There was an order signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We can assume they are bad guys and have just signed their death warrant.

Read...this is from Thomas Wictor and is significantly important..

Secretary of State Pompeo - Trust Kansas Q

Dan Scavino - Optics.

These People are stupid - Their attempts will fail - Q


Anon Notables...



Anon Notable - Julian's Rum


Movement - Troops, DC, etc...


Executive Orders

Why is President Trump signing Executive Orders so close? On Succession?

Order of succession

Heads of governments stepping down and whole governments resigned yesterday

This is a world wide take down of corrupted governments who had been infiltrated. The power is returning to the people world wide. 

News - Interesting

Agent Provocateur - Sullivan 

9-11 Info Coming Out - Dark to Light

This is going to come out.  Interesting Document - look at the names involved....