Daily Research - 01/17/2021

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Get Ready - intel coming in hard and fast...gonna be a late night. 

Flynn Drops - 100% Trump will be the next President

Dissolution of the Corporation of The United States of America. 

There is a long history to explain how the United States was sold out in 1871 and became a corporation rather than a sovereign nation.  It has to do with changing capitalization of the term in a legal the legal document and is tied to the Central Banking System. (Follow the money.)  Most people missed it at the time and missed that the United States was sold out.  The selling of America isn't a new thing.  It has been going on since the United States was formed...and the good people of the world were in actually sold out way before that. But that is a long lesson in history, and most people want to know what is happening now.  We will return to that discussion another day.  Dissolution of the Corporation of The United States of America means that we are no longer under the tyranny of foreign entities and the government returns to "by the people for the people."

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Red 6....

Answer: the President

Watching the world Governments Collapse

Taking down a Global Crime Syndicate, we can see the huge global changes.  Over the past 4 years that President Trump has been Draining the Swamp, we have seen major changes in the puppet governments all across the globe.  It started with Saudi Arabia and there has been a steady stream of change.  Let's look at what has happened in the last 48 hours...

Netherlands Government Resignation

Government of Estonia Collapses

Italian Government is in complete collapse

Italy - Renzi Party Quits

Government of Kuwait Resigns

The entire Russian Government has resigned

Germany - Angela Merkel has stepped down

Italy in the News -tied to the United States Election Fraud

Follow the Money...

China - Statement and Release on Chinese Companies procuring businesses in US

This is significant-the power outage in Pakistan. China was attempting to purchase GE...guess that was an unexpected and ironic interruption...maybe not. Going back to the understanding that the Executive Orders, Statements and Declarations point us to the unified plan and what is to come.

Today, President Donald J. Trump directed departments and agencies to review applicable laws, regulations, and policies and to propose regulatory and policy changes, including potential executive actions, to minimize the procurement of People’s Republic of China (PRC) goods and services by the Federal Government.

The PRC 2017 National Intelligence Law obligates individuals, organizations, and institutions to assist the PRC security and intelligence services in carrying out a wide variety of intelligence work.  PRC-based organizations and PRC citizens must also protect the secrecy of all state intelligence work of which they are aware.  The PRC government, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, remains free to coerce and coopt PRC manufacturers and services providers to target the United States Government for espionage and information advantage.  Some of this activity could further the goals of the PRC’s Military-Civil Fusion (MCF) strategy, which calls for all Chinese civil institutions, both public and private, to aid in advancing the capabilities of the PRC military through the acquisition and application of critical and emerging technologies.

As the Director of National Intelligence recently reported, the PRC poses the single greatest national security threat to America today.  Beijing sees the United States as the main impediment to achieving its regional and global ambitions and consequentially invests significant resources in MCF and other strategies to gain relative advantage.  The PRC targets the information systems of the United States Government for personnel records, military plans, and other exploitable data through cyber and other means.  For this reason, the United States must take corresponding actions to protect American interests.  We must adjust our regulations and policies and take other necessary actions to reduce the risk of PRC technical and human espionage activities directed at the Federal Government.  Today, President Trump took another step to do just that.

Grassley's Memo - finds Obama knowingly funded Al-qaeda through Al-qaeda affiliate World Vision

Suicide Weekend

Article - Bloomberg 57 yr old Rothschild died

Symbolism - 66 Days after cancer found at 66 yrs old. It's a comm.

In the News ... Short clips

Parler CEO and family threatened - in hiding