Daily Research - 02/01/2021

Day 12 - Foreign Occupation and things are moving fast.

There are an amazing number of things going on behind the scenes.  The governments of more and more countries are stepping down and the economic theater is going nuts.  As of this morning silver is up $3 and climbing rapidly.  

We can prepare for what is coming but it isn't going to be for everyone.  Starting with the economic upheaval we are going to continue to see.  They are breaking the central banks...and it is part of the plan. Does this have to happen to cut financial power of the Global Crime Syndicate? How do you return control to the people if they still can manipulate -money, wars (a big WTH to Biden for invading Syria the afternoon of the fake inauguration.) Big change has to happen...

Biggest news War Horse is watching...
Hedge fund debacle/stock market/ possible financial asset seizures connected to EOs
Myanmar/Burma - Crimes against humanity and connections to the US
Military control

Hedge Funds - Game Stop - Silver - and shocking Black Rock connections to politicians...

The patriots have to go after the central bank...banksters who have been manipulating the entire global economy and anything that was billed as free market...is anything by a free market.  We have been living in a world of deception - smoke and mirrors...look this way while they are gutting us from the back.  There is nothing different yesterday than it was a year ago, except that we can see what they are doing...and they have been doing this for decades...at least. We are actually in a better position than we were 5 years ago.  They were planning on crashing the economy hard...starting WW3...Biden (Sworn in? evidence says no.) Great Pictures of Trump meeting with Military commanders surfaced yesterday...so is he not in charge? The EOs tell the whole story.  The Game Stop hedge fund debacle is way larger than what is being talked about...

This is gonna take a bit to get all info up...so War Horse is going to put up research in bits rather than waiting until it is complete to sync....




Connecting the dots...who was in control 2006 and who is in control 2021...

Legal Procedure - removal of elected officials for failure

Remember Writ of Quo Warranto? (Went into this in previous posts) Will this allow them to go after middle and low level office holders for illegal activities? Treason for higher level Crime Syndicate members? Election fraud is being pursued as well as the end of the US Corporation. 

Interesting law fag Resource..


Another Government Stepping down...Myanmar/Burma

This is also huge.  Think proximity to China (human trafficking/sex trafficking - due to the one child policy.) Then one step further...watch how the Crime Syndicate with help from 501c3s like the Global Clinton Foundation always moves into areas under the auspices of "being helpful"... They are all connected and use our natural inclination for empathy and caring for others to exploit our good intentions.



Are they there to help...or did they help cause it...


Strategy - Anon, Q posts and News Bites....

Remember EOs (Executive Orders) President Trump laid out a plan...


Look closer...conference call with military leaders?...Who is really in charge??


Seems like this should have been a big deal...there have been multiple assassination attempts however. Look up missiles from Wibley.  If he is done ...why do they keep attacking him? Can you only impeach a President who is holding office? How can you impeach someone when they are done holding office? Maybe he is still in charge and directing the military? The EOs Trump put in place agree with this.



No fear - anything that inspires fear...probably heavy on the disinformation scale 

Suspicious Deaths and Suicides..

Global Crime Syndicate plays for keeps.

Biden Attack on US Farming

Suspicious...one big inbred club...

Pedos and their Pure Evil are behind it all

They have always used children. That's the control mechanism...a currency and blackmail mechanism all of it's own.  It starts with trafficking the kids/adults...it ends up in a really dark place.  This isn't just about teenagers...The rabbit hole gets really dark. War Horse has done deep digs into MIT and the real tragedy of Aaron Swartz and James Dolen...both ended up suicided because of what they saw.