Daily Research - 02/03/2021

Day 13 - Foreign Occupation

War Horse is asked multiple questions every day about the future and what is going to happen next.  Why are you so confident that we won?  The nature, size and scope of this war to bring down a Global Crime Syndicate is enormous...and we ARE and have been in a war for sometime...and we are winning!! We have already won!!! By studying, asking questions, thinking rather than allowing ourselves to be programmed...the truth floats easily to the top. 

This is not a new fight. They tried to take down this global power structure for a long time and the war we are in now...started decades ago in the planning and execution.  We just are finally seeing the results out in the open.  And it is right out in the open if you understand their communication on both sides.   There is a landmine field of disinformation so by process of elimination you can start making decisions who not to listen to weighing and comparing their words, actions, connections, money trail, etc.  The amazing thing in this day and age is that the digital footprint NEVER goes away.  We have it all...is absolutely true. 

The degree of surveillance the bad guys had in place is staggering. They thought they had the whole world in a vice grip.  And their confidence and stupidity against a group of patriots, who were motivated to protect their families, homeland, people they care about and humanity from the planned genocide of the population was grossly underestimated.  The bad guys have been active for a long time...and it's going to make the world sick when they wake up to the extent of their murderous/horrific deeds. Look at the policies which brought about third party murder in Michigan, New York, California, etc....Let's just move Covid patients into the nursing homes where there are the most vulnerable of the population... AGAINST health care workers advice.  That's third party murder. Call it out!!!

So back to the question why are you so confident and positive about the future? Because, with enough studying you get a clearer picture. War Horse studies and researches constantly - over 8+ obsessive hours a day...for years. And War Horse is connected to a group of researchers who are very connected and share information.  One person might be digging on financials, or corporate power structures, or certain issues and who is involved or profiting off it.  If there is a connection or a subject floating to the top, you keep chasing it down until you find that connection, proof of money in a bank account, damning pictures, documents...study to show yourself approved is never more true. 

Now not everyone has the ability or inclination to study that much...it's not a place that everyone should go either. There are absolutely gut wrenching terrible things that you have to have the stomach to get past and keep going.  The goal is to keep YOU safe...your family, our families, our homes, our lives safe.  To protect our God given rights and freedom...just as patriots and liberators have always done through out the ages...and some of us will never stop. Our allegiance and service is to God Almighty. That is what gives us the strength, faith, resolve to fight with everything in us.  We can't be bought off for "30 pieces of silver" or anything this world has to offer...we can't be silenced...and we will fight for everything in our being until we take our dying breath to stop the horrors that are happening to especially trafficked children...(this is mild...)

This stops now...with us...and there is no turning back. Going to be shocking at how many children right here in the United States have suffered like this...and worse by those whom we put our trust in to be protectors.  Many patriots have put their lives on the line for this already. Risked everything...General Michael Flynn...Admiral Mike Rogers...Military and civilians alike. If you are new to this...to Q...welcome to the fight.  There is no going back...

Strategy - Anon, Qposts, and news bites.

Myanmar....election fraud/military takes over.

A lot of similarities to the US failed election of 2020.  Riddled with fraud and used Smartmatic/Dominion. Rigging elections again...this is world wide election fraud.  Pompeo is still Secretary of State...hmmmm. Odd with all the house cleaning that happened immediately after the Biden fake inauguration. Trust Kansas and the table is set Scavino!

Well what do you know...IMF banksters involved...

God Bless our military men and women!!! 3257 loves you!!!

Better pictures of President Trump in control of the military...America's best of the best...cleaning out the corrupt power structures and old guard world wide!!!! This is huge!!!! New command center Mar-A-Lago...the Southern White House!!!

And Jeff Bezos steps down from Amazon. Check date of Date 12/22/2017 Q Post...Amazon Reference...

Hedge fund /Game Stop news....Not heard the end of this...Reddit group has another list of potential stock market spankings picked out.  Tomorrow looks to be another big day! Eyes open...


Q Proofs

What is Q? Here are some proofs which are mathematically impossible to be coincidence. Q is a military intelligence operation-the largest coordinated intelligence information effort that we have ever seen.  Part of the plan to take down the Global Crime Syndicate- which has affected every single person in the world- was to get information out there to to public.  We all had to become aware of how this not only affected the most vulnerable, in regions of the world most never even heard of ... but that they were a present and immediate threat to our country.  Look at election fraud. What was that all about? Exposure of their crimes.  What was Game Stop and the hedge fund debacle? Exposure of their crimes against you and everyone you care about.  This fight is real and what we are seeing is much deeper-the tip of the iceberg.

Q pointed researchers in the direction to look...research and dig! All the information was there...and we had a map to know where to look to dig up documents and information...which lead to other information ...which lead to more information.  Some days there is so much information surfacing that it's like drinking from a fire hose.  

Interesting - brings up many questions....

Random Research bites...


China china china...More like Global Crime Syndicate not bound by geographical boundaries...so most of the United States Government, corporations, 501c3s, etc.  Not to worry...let them finish committing the crime so you can finish this..." I caught them...I caught them all." President Trump