Daily Research - 02/05/2021

Day 14 -  Foreign Occupation optics ...or military in control

Big news!! We saw the videos of the arrests at the Capitol...here is more proof that things are always what they at first appear!! We are winning!!

If you only watch one video today...this is it!! We won!!! and every day we are seeing clues to not only the set up, but also the crimes of the Global Crime Syndicate which they were hiding from us.  Our job is to stand firm...educate ourselves so that we have the knowledge to combat the psy-op of the MSM propaganda machine...and help get the truth out to others so that they can stand with us also.  Nothing can stop what is coming!!  It's over...and they know it.

The power structures are using every element of our society to control and profit from the most vulnerable of the population.  Health Care is not only being used as a weapon...they own all the businesses around the well meaning health care workers we see trying to actually help people.  The playbook is always the same...create a crisis and then provide the answer to the problem they created - while achieving the desired goal.  The goals of this psychopathic sick group of people is unfortunately a war against humanity...ultimately a war against God and his creation.  By studying history we can see, that there is an organization...in which the power structure has been passed from generation to generation or to loosely include those willing to pay the price to enter their "club."  

We are seeing the layers being peeled away... isn't this convenient?


War Horse was following talking to a close source who was locked up in a quarantine hospital in Australia...same story. The conditions were horrible. How much of Austrailia does the Global Crime Syndicate own? Airports? Ports? How much of America does China own? Ports? Why did Trump put an end to the mergers and ownership of our ports? Shocking to learn that only 2% of the containers coming into the United States are ever inspected!!!! What are they shipping and what have they shipped? The answer is horrible. President Trump has been working around the threats that were put in place...and dismantling them piece by piece. 

Why did General Flynn lay everything on the line? He was the head of military intelligence...getting a little better and more complete information than CNN/FOX etc.  He knew that there were already terrorist groups here on American soil...and he knew where all the bodies were buried. General Flynn and Admiral Rogers are two patriots that the world will never be able to express gratitude to enough.  Their bravery to face this monster and not back down... is inspiring beyond expression.  They laid everything on the line.  Why? Because it was the right thing to do and the Global Crime Syndicate had a plan to destroy us from within. 

The plan to take back America and coincidentally save the world is right there for us to see!! It's beautiful and it's glorious.  It's not just America it is the whole world!! Look at how many governments and regimes have changed.  The first to submit was Saudi Arabia...coincidentally one of the largest human trafficking hubs in the world.  What are the others? Watch who submitted...there is an order.  Human Trafficking especially children and organs are directly connected to election fraud. 

The lower level activist has no idea that they are contributing to what they think they are fighting.  It's part of a psy-op...and they have been masterfully indoctrinated.  Activate emotions and the thinking process stops dead in it's tracks...then you can lead them or create an uneducated-unthinking army of emotional train wrecks.  It is part of the plan...Is Hollywood complicit? Is Disney complicit? all MSM? Why do they call it programming? 

The good news is that there are millions of citizen journalists and patriots who hit the rope limit and figured out how to use their weapons against them!!! With the military we are taking this country back...and there is no going back.  The military and President Trump have stood up to an Global Power Structure which considered us as an asset THEY OWNED...like livestock.  But No more!!! We won...they were removed and checkmated by the Patriots!! Watch what happens next and GET IN THE GAME. Tell everyone you know. Join us!!! Unwavering!!! Take the Oath!!! And never turn back!!!

Election Fraud!!! Proof of the act and those who are complicit.  

wow took less than a few minutes for Youtube to take that down...no worries...Researchers have this. LOL Proof of their censorship below...Video below the official one they took down....And if they take that down...we will put it up again.  Nothing is ever erased digitally...(War Horse just responded...battle accepted!!) Let's see how many times Youtube takes this down or censors the truth.  Guess what we backups exist...this is funny...these people are stupid.

Round 2 - in the Censorship battle...which they are going to lose.

Zapped it again ... Round three..about to begin!!

and just in case that one gets Zapped...here's another one... How's that working for you Youtube censors?? They are wonderful at making themselves look weak...and panicked. 


Thomas Wictor  - for doubters that Trump won!



Strategy - Anons, Qposts and News Bites...


Question everything...but listen to what is being said. You get nuggets.

Question Mike Rothschild...Who are the Rothschilds? Big Money connected to Central Bank. Is Q a threat to them? You bet...huge.

Question...Look at the picture on the wall behind Man-Bear(who is coincidentally a Marine)...On the wall of the Capitol....Does FBI=untrustworthy? 

Judge Sullivan...

Business - Investing and Hedge Fund debacle still active

Child Trafficking and Epstein