Daily Research - 02/06/2021

Day 15 - Foreign Occupation...or maybe the military and patriots are control!

Good Morning - Another beautiful day ahead of us...bringing our country together, being thankful for each other and helping everyone stand together...One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all! This is our country not the politicians or the Global Crime Syndicate which has been historically running the show until patriots like General Flynn, Admiral Rogers and President Trump decided to stand up for truth, honesty, law and order.  And this day anew we can commit to continuing on this path together, never giving in to tyrants or evil. A side note...we won! Watch as events unfold with peace and joy. God bless you this day.

Beautiful note from Rush Limbaugh....

And now...


Election Fraud...seems to be a global problem. Look at Myanmar...This is a damning video.


Time magazine admits election fraud

General Flynn -

click the telegram link to hear it straight from General Flynn. It's not over...


Strategy - Anons, Q posts and news bites...


Capitol Riot - nothing makes sense....question everything