Daily Research - 02/07/2021

Day 16 - Foreign Occupation...or maybe the military and patriots are control!

Who is in control? There are so many anomalies out there from the Capitol Raid...the inauguration...Air Force 1...election fraud...that you have to ask what is happening and what is the purpose? 

Soooo....Let's say the good guys won this... BEFORE the Trump Presidency started.  President Trump agreed when asked to run by the Military...who were in position to see everything  the Global Crime Syndicate was doing. 

Hmmmm....that changes the perspective. 

Changing the perspective of what we have been programmed to accept...gives us a clearer vision of what is actually going on.  Remember...we need to question everything we think we know.  What if politicians have never been in control....Merely puppets of the Central Banking System? or perhaps the level behind them who are ensconced in their castles where nobody ever sees them? Pause to reflect...

No matter what we see or hear from the Clowns In America organization assisted by the Fraud Bureau (of complicit) Idiots... or any other of their weaponized 3 letter organizations...MSM included...they have all been working together to formulate a coordinated narrative.  This in turn manipulates and creates public opinion and affects everything including, but limited to foreign interference of elections, election fraud, election rigging... (which has been going on for decades at least.) Thank God that not everyone inside these organizations are insiders or part of the Global Crime Syndicate...there are many really good people who have been caught up in this and chose to stand up for honesty and integrity.  Which is where we are now... honest people are in charge!! They won before we knew that there was even a war going on!!

When studying for years and seeing things unfold, you have a unique perspective of seeing the foundation laid brick by brick with a surgeon's accuracy of military planning!!! There is a contingency for everything.  You and your family are safe.  Your future is safe. But you also have a part in this...help wake people up and keep the morale up of those around you.  That is the last part of the plan...WE ARE.  We had to be shown what it was going to be like if the United States and the world stayed on the same path of destruction.  We are seeing controlled demolition designed to unite the country...before the big rebuild.  The old guard is being removed.  Countries are having whole governments resign. The Central Banking System is in collapse and a bunch of computer nerds brought down a $70 Billion dollar hedge fund and exposed gross inconsistencies/criminal insider trading/manipulation.  The Federal Reserve is no longer foreign owned but under the Treasury.  The 1871 US Corporation is ended and bankrupted. 

We can see the next steps getting ready to go.  Hard truths are going to have to be faced by everyone...but it's going to be OK.  We can do this together and many people are already in place to step in and move forward.  Watch what happens next!!! But make sure your sources are good and you don't get taken out by the propaganda demoralization ground war which is still going on during the clean up!!! 

We won!!! President Trump is still in control....the evidence is all there.

We are being shown what is happening...

Are we being shown what the alternative is to equal protection under the law.

Now we are getting somewhere...It is coming out. (There may be a plan, but Flynn won't broadcast it....but wouldn't concede the bottle of wine.)

More Legal info - who is really in control...



Down goes the Global Crime Syndicate in France...submission to Trump time.

We can learn something from everyone...

True...Except....trust yourself...you are smart and we have to learn to not listen but think and trust ourselves again.