Daily Research - 02/13/2021

Day 22 - Foreign Occupation...or maybe the military and patriots are control!

It is amazing how much information is out there and how much has been kept from us.  Nothing new...but you have to know where to look for it. Its all there...we have all the alleged missing texts and emails.  So why don't they just come out with it? There are several answers to that.

First off...how long does it take for people to accept new information?  Truths which are so far out of what they think is even possible that they totally tune it out and go back to the "land of lies - false reality" which they have been groomed for since they were children? We have been removing layers.  What is coming next is going to require us ll to prepare...mentally and emotionally.  There are any things that won't be posted here...it's too painful for most people to have to confront.  When Q says that truth would put most people in the hospital from dealing with the mental horror...it's not a lie. 

Second off...how many people are involved and how vast is this Global Crime Syndicate? It is mind boggling.  We had one chance to take it down...and no option to blow it.  Every move was expertly planned by military intelligence and there were contingencies for everything.  We got them.  We won.  It is in the clean-up getting them from the top to the bottom.  That doesn't happen in a day, because every day more and more people are being exposed...people you wouldn't think are involved.  They are good actors, that's what makes them effective predators.

Always question everything...Is the impeachment is for the purpose of introducing evidence? 

Acquittal - we knew before it started!!

What comes next? Pain? That's why they are all panicking.  Easy to see who is part of the Global Crime Syndicate...

Guess who else doesn't want Dominion Software and election fraud investigated? Wondering how many decades this goes back? How many other countries this was used in to place their puppets? Let's start with Venezuela and the Philippines...and Ukraine...and...and...and...(where did we cut aid to first??)

Interesting twists...

Strategy - Anon, Q posts and News Bites...

Look at the date...3 years ago Q told us what would unfold.

Arkancide... is it real?



Yeah War Horse went there...

Biden still hasn't been on AF1...Pretty telling...He isn't the President therefore EOs are for optics...Nothing overseas and no Presidential Address or State of the Union...too many anomalies.




Warning - The Global Crime Syndicate is run by psychopaths, who are involved in unspeakable crimes against humanity. Pedo drops are going to be next.  The Lincoln Project is probably next up.  Both Republicans and Democrats are compromised.  It's not Republicans against Democrats...it's good against evil.  90% of politicians are complicit.  Some by choice...some by blackmail.  You can go to boss level if you want to know more...but War Horse will only post mild content even there.  

Current issues that are floating to the top is Lincoln Project. It appears to be a group of Republicans formed to take President Trump down.  Interesting...what are they trying to hide? The same thing they all are....

and Maybe Obama and Clooney?...Politics and Hollywood?...Are they all tied in protecting each other?



For those of you who are new...War Horse posts throughout the day...Check back later for more.