Daily Research - 02/14/2021

Day 23 - Happy Valentine's Day -  military and patriots are in control!

The following is an inspiring and beautiful way to start the day!!! Watch the complicit MSM Global Crime Syndicate Reporter get her ass handed to her!!! Another addition to the complicit criminal list....right out in the open!!


Myanmar coup and connections to the central bank!

Activist Judges in GA funded by Soros  "tied" to Tides and Dominion Software.

Orwell's Animal Farm illustrates the communist playbook...we are living right now.

Myanmar coup and connections to the central bank!






Activist Judges in GA funded by Soros  "tied" to Tides and Dominion Software.

H/T Mareq16....


Just putting Soros here connected to NFL ... looks like there is noting Open Societies George is not into...


Put it all together...Is Sherry Boston connected to Bronfman...Kemp and Soros.  So are they funding Progressive Judges and a "progressive" AKA communist judicial agenda??? Appears so.  What else are Bronfman's connected to?? The heirs to Seagram's also connected to the NVIXM cult...where they branded women...and trafficked them.  Convicted in a court of law.  It's just one big happy family...all connected...all protecting each other from having their evil deeds made public.  All pushing an agenda?? Should we all prepare for declas of information ... I would say so. War Horse has seen a lot and it's bad.  And Also...does it look like it comes right back in a neat little package to include Dominion Software??



Strategy - Anon, Q posts and News Bites...

Just so you know...Epstein isn't the only one.  What if there are many Epsteins and NXIVMs...


This is just the beginning of the ill executed health care again.  Are our medicines coming from the Global Crime Syndicate...who produced the Georgia Guidestones and who are also actively engaging in eugenics?  (Might want to look it up...if you don't know.)


Question EVERYTHING!!!!! We have been conditioned...programmed to accept things that are told to us.... research and study.



Lincoln Project

Let's beat on the RINO Lincoln Project a little bit more...are they so deep into pedophilia that their MO is to go after Trump to protect themselves? Considering that President Trump has done more to stop the trafficking of humans than any single person in history...might be a good assumption. Something to consider Mittens Romney the traitor...had a handle of PierrE DelectO...PEDO. So Republicans don't get a pass on this...they are all protecting each other and the blackmail material is on almost everyone.


For those of you who are new...War Horse posts throughout the day...Check back later for more.